Art within Gaming Part 1

final-fantasy-ix-vivi-wallpaper-magic.jpgMy thoughts on art and the gravity of importance within video games is never ending. The correlation between the two, the love child created by both is shown to us on a daily basis with what we are seeing being performed on next generation consoles. The concepts down to the story board literally draws the line where a fan base begins, and the sad truth is we as a whole in a consumer concept are more likely to buy a game with better graphics than one with downplayed graphics unless the story is compelling enough to draw us within the first couple minutes of game play. Let’s be honest, its hard to dive blindly into a game with sacrificed graphics unless you are familiar with the story line or legacy.
One quote that really describes the effect of a well developed games is by Andy Serkis-
“Every age has its storytelling form, and video gaming is a huge part of our culture. You can ignore or embrace video games and imbue them with the best artistic quality. People are enthralled with video games in the same way as other people love the cinema or theatre.”
While a soundtrack to a video game provides the added touches to suspenseful areas and is the core of emotions within the storytelling within story itself, the graphics provide the vision. Our culture is growing with the countless stories we experience growing up with video games and it continues to spread as we grow larger as a population. Some games such as racing or basically any other sports game relay heavily on the most realistic graphics their engines can produce. in this day in age anything short or less of that doesn’t sell to well if at all.
Secret-of-Evermore.jpgA acquired charisma is created when you snap with certain graphics or art work (classic JRPGS and RPGs i’m looking at you) and essentially creates a inflated market for the game to be resold and resold until the market flattens at some point with reproductions and cheap emulations. With that in mind I guess we can be a tad bit grateful for cheaper emulations of these games although to me nothing beats actually holding the cartridge or opening the case to get the game.  The reality is we become more and more spoiled with graphics than game play and thus a generation of “collectors’ grew and now coexist amongst us, buying up all the rare titles they stumble across more so for the collection appearance..often never even enjoying the beauty of the game and rather content with the trend of video games being face lifted clones pushed out to capitalize on holidays or with system sales. It saddens me that we are facing a trend where storytelling within a game is growing less and less while we focus more on the graphical appearance instead.
Working within the retail side of video games, I see more and more of the older generation flocking to the retro portion of my store. Most of them are looking to relive that childhood experience they had growing up with the game, it’s outstanding how many of them tell me how the graphics stayed with them after all these years and only goes to show me how strong it affected people back before everything was as realistic as it could get.
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