Andromeda Destined For E3


Bioware have announced that Mass Effect: Andromeda will be shown at E3 this year. Finally, some solid information.

Since announcing it at last year’s E3, Bioware hasn’t given us much, to any, information on it. They’ve shown some concept art, a new trailer with Female Commander Shepard – the protagonist from the Mass Effect trilogy – saying farewell (an obvious entry to fully consolidate the fact that this is a new trilogy for the fanbase, though they still didn’t seem to like it), and a rather cruel taunt from them discussing the first hour of the game, but nothing concrete that tells us about the game what we don’t already know.

On the official Bioware page, they stated that they were excited to show off the game, and looking forward to revealing more of the game that they’ve been teasing us with.

While we still don’t have much to go on, and despite June still being quite far off, this is probably some of the most exciting news ME fans have had since they announced the game. All we can do now is wait with bated breath for E3 to roll in.


7 thoughts on “Andromeda Destined For E3

  1. Bioware is one company. Therefore,


    Where the hell did the author get “Bioware have announced” from? Latvia? Sheesh! What kind of “journalist” gets a job with no grammar skills?


  2. That Bioware blog entry mentions E3 only in reference to the Andromeda teaser trailer and the fan’s reactions. There is nothing in there about showing the game at E3 in 2016. Is there another source from whence this solid information comes?


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