Gaming on a Budget- Metro: Last Light


Prior to the Release of Metro: 2033, the predecessor to Last Light, we follow our protagonist Artyom as he faces the menacing conditions of the apocalyptic aftermath in a “present-day” Russian society decades after the nuclear holocaust. A universe  portrayed in the Quadriliogy of literature written by Dimmitry Glukhovsky, which Metro: 2033 & Last Light are derived from (Books Metro 2033 and 2034 are the adaptations from which the games used)

Metro: Last Lightblindfire

Platform(s): Playstation 3, Xbox 360 (Metro Redux includes a remastered version on

Developer: 4A Games

Price: $10-15

“Last bullet. Last breath. Last chance”

OstankinoTowerEdit.pngA survival horror coupled with a genuinely beautiful first person shooter experience, Metro: Last Light shines the light into the realms of mental endurance. Taking note from Metro 2033, we are brought back to Artyom and his linear journey through the metro systems and decaying environments of Moscow, swarming with lingering Soviets, Nazis and mutated creations beyond your darkest nightmares. When we last left Artyom in Metro 2033 he was en route to ‘D6’, a intact nuclear launch facility, which the rangers (Also known as Spartans, are a group of battle harden elite soldiers that roam the metro system and wastelands protecting Polis) were seeking to gain codes for a nuclear launch to wipe the Dark Ones from the face of existence. Experiencing lucid visions of a rangers and Dark Ones and battling against the merciless mutants we finally reach D6 and retrieve the launch codes now are faced with the task of climbing to the very top of a monstrous tower to install the  guidance system.  Falling back into Artyom’s subconscious we are taken through a maze , running from the oncoming Dark One’s that continue to advance towards us until we a thrown a pistol and  start firing. Then we awaken about to walk off the tower, here depending on the moral choices you made in the game, 1 of 2 endings happen..either the canonical ending of the Dark Ones being destroyed by missiles in an effort to save humanity or Artyom destroys the missile guidance beacon if you are good enough and you realize the truth about the Dark Ones.


Sitting around a fire with a group of men, we begin our tale of Last Light and instantly we are thrown into heart throbbing suspense as gunfire erupts and the lights down the tunnel shut off. The A.I. around me voice their distress and only build to the anticipation of the situation when suddenly the Dark Ones appear around me and the group of men. Everyone starts shooting when the hallucination dies and we are being overwhelmed with nosalis (a fast mutant most likely mutated from a mole rat), eagerly ripping the men apart when one jumps towards me. I grab it’s head and thrust my knife into it’s head and suddenly replace by one of the men in my group. Looking at my hands soaked in blood a Dark One reappears in front of me…reaching down and then I black out.

Metro07.jpgA truly well scripted narrative horror experience, we quickly learn that high grade ammunition is the ultimate sacrifice, do you use it when you start running low on regular bullets or save to use to buy much needed medkits or air filters. Combat is almost always exhilarating, with the ability to disable lights and sneak around within the shadows or full blown bullet storms..the choice almost always falls on you. But be careful, one wrong choice and now you’re faced with a cracked gas mask..barely unable to see the burst of guns while poisonous air is slowly seeping through.

This game takes from it’s predecessors and grows with the added gun customization. The choice to lack a multiplayer enriches the single player experience, as they were able to focus on the environments (since they are rather linear, more exploration was added and a fine attention to detail as well). We’re talking if you disable the lights in the tunnels, you’ll see enemies’ flash lights bobble as they frantically search for you, the light reflected off every surface only building the suspense as you wait in the darkness. Glass shattering as windows beside you get smashed or, or the wooden crates you’re hiding from getting chipped away from bullets, 4A Games really went all out even down to water puddles or condensation building on your gas mask requiring you to occasionally wipe it off.

Final Grade- 90%

Amidst a decently long campaign we see the true hard work of this games developer. Hidden easter eggs like Dimmitry Glukhovsky’s books scattered everywhere or musical instruments you can strum. The twist in this game is huge and ultimately I had to lead into this game with my introduction because although I don’t want to spoil this game’s story I will say the ending to Metro 2033 is a eye opener once you learn the truth.  Keeping true to the survival essence this story becomes cripplingly rugged, thrown into life or death situations around every turn, soon anything becomes a jump scare. Every move you make seems very unforgiving especially more on Hardcore. With the attention to detail we see some rather ugly textures that stick out against the dark dank sewerage or especially with the broken building and landscape outside. Glass that shatters turns a light color, graphics get blocky or sometimes there is a bit too much happening and we’re left running and gunning for our lives. The HUD is a work of art, our health indicated by flashing red as we are being attacked while our ammo count is usually visible within the guns chamber, this game really caters on your first player experience down to the t. A glutton for torture i opted for the Hardcore setting and noticed the game was showcast in such a gritty survival game that I was praying for head shots every encounter. The OST does even more justice by adding to the suspense and making the game play more in depth. If you never have played a survival horror I highly suggest adding this great budget game to your collection.


PSN- Job_for_a_Cody

XBL- xI am Omega

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