Awesome Games Done Quick Finishes Strong

gamesdonequick-100538610-largeAwesome Games Done Quick has come to an end, and they’re happy to announce that they earned over $1.2 million towards the prevent cancer foundation. The gaming marathon lasted from January 3 – January 10th, and was one of the highest earning weeks ever for Games Done Quick.

Several videos were showcased throughout the marathon. If you happened to miss the marathon, you can check out the entirety of the showcasing on their YouTube channel.

There will be a Summer Games Done Quick, which announced on their twitter, will take place from July 3rd-9th in Minnesota.

As we know several people have lost their lives to cancer in the recent weeks, such as David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and Lemmy Kilmaster, as well as several non-famous persons. I, myself, have lost several people to cancer, and this is a great way to play video games and help against the fight vs. cancer!

Please, I ask you, if you have the opportunity to donate money, check it out, and do it.

Our favorite video here at Gamers Pantheon is below, enjoy.

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