Final Fantasy XV Update

FFXV 2016 2
So, we are finally getting some new live stream video of Final Fantasy 15. Square Enix announced that January 30th, yes this Saturday we will be getting some new footage of the latest update to the battle system. This will bring some new pieces we haven’t seen yet, including the magic mechanics. From what we can see, in the screen shots provided, we are shown differences between the demo we have come to know and love. The first noticeable change is the way the weapons are displayed. Could this mean that they are not interchangeable and that we possibly get to use a more manual mechanic on how we want to use the weapons?

FFXV 2016 3
The next noticeable change is the magic, of course we know little about it, however a picture can tell a thousand words. First off as you can notice the magic doesn’t seem to be target initiated more of a directional aspect that we have seen in other action RPG’s, giving more of a realistic view on what would happen if you cast a cloud of fiery death.FFXV 2016

Enjoy the pictures we have now and be ready, this Saturday’s event could provide us with an in-depth view of what we have been patiently waiting to release. As always stay tuned to the Gamer’s Pantheon family as we will be posting live updates that we receive Taipei game sh ow 2016.

FFXV 2016 4








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