Capcom announces Umbrella Corps will launch this May

Capcom looks like they finally might make a solid comeback in the zombie genre with this team-based shooter. Unlike their previous experiences with zombie based shooters, Umbrella Corps is multiplayer based, but will feature a single player campaign and takes some serious notes from Counter-Strike in terms of gun play. Revealed back in 2015 at the Toyko Game Show, this survival horror shooter is to draw from both Resident Evil 4 & 5 for many areas of the game which came directly from Capcom.

The Story

Umbrella-Corps.jpgUmbrella Corps (or Biohazard: Umbrella Corps in Japan, Resident Evil titles are also known as Biohazard respectively correlating with their names.) is set in 2015…just a mere 2 years after the events in Resident evil 6 and a mind blowing 12 years after the fall of the Umbrella Corporation in 2003. Although it’s been over a decade since the fall of Umbrella, viral BOW research and remnants are still hidden amidst the hordes of zombies. Several corporations are in a life or death race to secure this valuable information and other parts of the Umbrella past causing direct warfare among the global corporations seeking the same goal: find the information and kill any other mercenary that stands in our way.

The Gameplay

Umbrella Corps offers the choice between first-imagesperson or third-person perspective, which has always been a solid choice in my opinion to enhance your experience of the game. With the environment and compacted battle zones having the traditional Resident Evil approach and theme and of course the countless zombies filling each map. Following suit with Counter-Strike, the way you approach gun fights is your own choice, you can duck and hide behind cover or brazenly run into danger and hope that the zombies between you and the merc eat up most of the bullets he’s shooting at you. Yes this game’s multiplayer will have you fighting a team of mercenaries among a ocean of zombies that stand between you and the objective. Every player is equipped with a “Zombie Jammer” which makes zombies ignore you, but if you get attacked or shot it could get damage and cause you to be exposed. If you don’t like multiplayer games then don’t feel left out quite yet! This game’s single player experience will be just as fun. What it lacks in a single player campaign it shines in a mode known as “The Experiment”. A horde mode that has 20 missions pitting the player against massive waves of enemies.

Below you can see some of the gameplay from Capcom’s newest $29.99 zombie title. It will eat you up!


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