Gaming on a budget: Dead Space 3

Dead Space has always been notorious for playing on emotions, whether it makes you feel
scared, anxious or alone there has always been some build up before Issac Clarke is thrown into some life or death experience. Often the player finds difficult situations or puzzles that they need to overcome in order to progress across somewhat large non linear world. Visceral games decided to drop the competitive multiplayer and open the world of cwallpaper_dead_space_3_04o-op with this installment and focus more on the details of the environment and the atmosphere of the game play itself.

Following the events that took place in Dead Space 2 and Dead Space: Severed, do we finally see Issac and the end of his journey against never-ending waves of necromorphs?

Dead Space 3

Platform(s): Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Developer: Visceral Games

Price: $9.99


Good men mean well, we just don’t always end up doing well

Stepping onto the frozen tundra of Tau Volantis, you feel the sense of dreadful isolation as soon we’re overwhelmed by a  ferrous snow storm. Once we stumble into an eerie break in the storm we look out to a desolated snow-covered mountain terrain. The detail to the scenery is notable, adding to the dark feeling the other two Dead Spaces have provided in the past.

The enemies grow more gruesome and challenging as the game progress and the use of different suit to combat different elements of the game keeps a somewhat refreshing aspect game play outside of environment changes which Visceral Games handles very well.issaccarverdeadspace3bestduo The two player experience was phenomenal, with the second player playing as John Craver providing a unique experience compared to playing a Issac previously. This third-person shooter lacks a normal HUD for a rig (a health bar on the back of our protagonist that glows green to flashing red indicating our health level) while our inventory screen will pop up upon request for quick weapon swap outs or item reassessment before a big battle. Following a somewhat shallow RPG element, we are able to upgrade our RIG, Telekinesis and Stasis to  even the playing field against ever-growing harder difficultly as we progress through higher levels. The ability to freeze enemies with stasis and shoot their limbs off or pull them off with telekinesis and shoot them into an oncoming slaughter of nercomorph prove invaluable if you are trying to preserve ammo for the larger battles or for better crowd control for the nonstop assortment of puzzles followed by bursts of enemies. We are thrown through several different situations in a constant search to end this hellish nightmare once and for all.

There is additional DLC for this game as well called Awakening where we see Clarke and Carver wake up on the surface of Tau Volantis…surviving their believed inevitable deaths but is it too late for Earth?


Final Grade- 85%

It’s hard for me to label this game as a Survival Horror as the other two were (although Dead Space 2 was leaning hard towards Action then it did Horror) we see the same element here but even worst. The biggest issue I ever had within the Dead Space franchise is how far they’ve strayed from survival horror and instead merged into more of an action game with horror elements. The push to universal ammo was ultimately the most convenient way for endless gun customization yes, but to me it was a lazy way out and instead gutted the very essence of survival. A very weak and unfocused story, it seems like Visceral began to lose their touch with science fiction survival horror and have been grasping for the notoriety they grew with their previous two hits. The difficulty is easily summarized by the harder you choose the more enemies and the fewer resources you find. I’ve been playing the hardest difficulty I can and so far any issues were with being overwhelmed (which ultimately is the only real difficult part about playing on the harder settings) and is solved by farming resources and stockpiling ammo and med packs. For $10 this game is going to take you into the reaches of horror and jump scares and for the story elements and game play I would have to say it’s worth every penny.


PSN- Job_for_a_Cody

XBL- xI am Omega

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