This week the internet has been in a bit a flutter over the announcement of a new Pokémon spin-off game. This new title, Detective Pikachu, is about Pikachu…being a detective. On the surface it sounds like just another cutesy Pokémon title. However, that’s not what got the internet in an uproar over it. In case you haven’t seen it, here is the original release trailer below:

Notice anything special? That’s right; this Pikachu can apparently speak like people. And not only does he apparently have a full grasp on the Japanese language, but he also has a really creepy and deep man voice. Just think of the most overly manly character you have ever heard in either anime or toku and that’s what this Pikachu’s voice is.

Yet when life gives you lemons, it is time to make Poke-ade. Eventually a game like this is sure enough to get an English version, and the great and powerful internet has already decided it’s time to squeeze out the juice and add the sugar for this inevitable future. Within mere hours of Detective Pikachu being announced, the people had but one simple demand: Make Danny DeVito the voice of Pikachu.

This is very serious and very real demand. “How serious?” You might ask. There is already a petition for it on And this petition already has over 32,000 supporters as of the time I am writing this article. So it’s fair enough to say that it has some steam. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a golden opportunity and we need to make this happen. For once I want to be able to get a petition filled out and have it go through. Personally I’m still upset about the petition to get Weird Al to perform at this year’s Super Bowl half-time not working.

Think of the possibilities here. We could get games where Patrick Warburton is the voice of Ditto, Steve Blum becomes Charizard, Billy West and John DiMaggio reunite to voice Mew and Mewtwo, and Christopher Walken is the perfect Butterfree! These are all dreams for now, but with your help we can make them a reality. Gotta sign em’ all!


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