Gamesaurus, filling in the void on their newest game


Today we sit down with Madis Rääk, 24, with Estonia based indie developers Gamesaurus. Starting with gaming at a young age, Rääk’s first experience with actual development came from hosting a private server called Hellbreath which was a popular game to play but not legal to host. From there he explored software development working for a private bank for 3 years honing his skills until he met Mikk Luige who dragged him back into game development. Eventually blossoming into Gamesaurus after a year and a half of working on games together, Rääk and Luige are eagerly working on Voidship: The Long Journey due to release this year. Outside of Gamesaurus, Rääk is involved with a group called Reval Indie House, a small team of Estonian developers from Tallinn that took 3rd place at IGDA Gamjam in 2014 and then 1st during the IGDA Gamjam in 2015.


GP- It sounds like you are making quite a name for yourself within the  Estonian indie  development scene, how much of a difference was the experience for you of working on your first game compared to your current work on Voidship: The Long Journey?
 The Estonian indie development scene is pretty small to be honest. We are in the baby steps here, but the quality of developed games is high. The scale of our project Voidship is the biggest for me so far. What has mostly influenced me is the variety of tasks and what you have to do while working on something big. And that is what I love about making games, you always must improve yourself and learn new things in a field where you have never been

GP- Can you give us a backstory of Voidship: The Long Journey and what type of game it is?
Voidship: The Long Journey is a 2D top down space combat/role-playing game with a few unique twists in its core gameplay. To look at similar games, we are probably going to land between FTL and SPAZ, but we are definitely trying to be something else. Completing your mission will take hundreds of years. As you battle your way through the randomly generated galaxy your crew members will age, and will have to be replaced by new recruits. Even UI windows will deteriorate from the centuries spent travelling the void.There is definitely something for story readers and fast paced space battle action seekers, because of them are core part of the game.


GP-Developing a game entails more work and preparation than most people would even imagine, what is the usual timeline for a game you develop from drawing board to finished product?
I agree with that. A Common mistake is that people overestimate their skills and time to complete the game. With every game there are
new obstacles waiting for you in places you don’t even expect them. From six months up to a one year is probably the sweet spot what we are trying to achieve.


GP- What would you say ultimately laid the basis out for your game? Did you guys have any previous ideas you built off of or did you build the game from scratch?CZaiy2JWcAAAUhv

 Actually, this is a very old project that Mikk Luige started many years back, unfortunately it was already started collecting dust in the early stages. A bit over a year ago we decided to finish that project together. Game design wise there has been lot of changes but the core is still same.
We have a little transition video here to show the progress. But keep in mind, in the real beginning the game didn’t have even any kind of maps to travel on – there was only a  place to battle and simple build mechanics.


GP- What other projects have you been involved with outside of Voidship: The Long Journey?
 So far my proudest work would be making jam games with team Reval Indie House.
We won third place at IGDA Gamejam 2014 (Estonia) with project Lake Serene. It is available for windows usersat http://reval_indie_house.itchio/lakeserene .And of course, the first place, at IGDA Gamejam 2015 (Estonia) with project Cycle. With this project we have actual contract with movie producers and we are going to release the game when the movie is coming out. Unfortunately until then we can’t give you any more information than that you’ll have to wait. The game and movie are both coming out in April 2016.


Rääk and Mikk Luige are the creative minds behind Gamesaurus. Although we didn’t get a chance to speak with Luige, it is noted that he has a long experience in this field. Besides building their own studio, he is currently finishing one of the projects at studio called Pyrodactyl – You can see his work on games like Unrest, Will Fight For Food, Good Robot at .

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