Final Fantasy VII Remake: All The Emotions

Final Fantasy VII Remake: All the Emotions

FFVII Remake

I remember lying on my belly on the floor, watching E3, having just watched Xbox do a pretty good job at their showing, but being excited for what Sony would do. It seemed to be simple, I saw “The Last Guardian” which excited me, but felt more like a “finally,” than anything else. However, as I was getting the feeling that nothing special was going to happen, and rumors were just that, I heard the music, I knew the music, I saw the opening logo, and I went insane. My poor cat didn’t know what happened as she was lying on my back, and all of a sudden, she went flying. Final Fantasy VII Remake was happening, it was a thing. I called my best friend and couldn’t help but be excited.

Time moved forward, as it does, and no true news came out, then the PlayStation Experience happened, and they showed us even more details, and I was stoked. However, when I got on to Facebook, I realized my excitement wasn’t necessarily shared. Everyone was griping about the battle system, and I couldn’t understand. Now, I will say, I’m not a fan of the original battle system, it feels like a mini game within the game, and just doesn’t excite me. I argued to anyone that would listen that I didn’t want to see 1080p HD Cloud jump forward, slash, jump back, and get slashed. The utter idea of it bored me. Then to worsen it, Square Enix announced the multi-part (I will NOT call it episodic) release. Everyone got pissed before they even knew anything, but I still held hope that this game was going to be a blast.


As for the remake, we know that the battle system shows us a more action oriented system, but still has what looks to be a time gauge, and still has the choices/selections, within the battle, to the left of the screen. This has the feeling of an RPG, and that’s good. We know the story will be delved into more, which is great. I’m curious to see where they go, while we go deeper down the rabbit hole. We know some of the game is going to, obviously, look different, and some of the fights will change, however the game still has a FF feel from the trailers.


Okay, we know this is milking the franchise, we see it all the time within the gaming world. Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, sports franchises (MLB the Show is still an every year buy for me), and several other titles are milked to the nth degree.


Now, quoting a friend “I find it hilarious that people see the Vll remake as milking when Vll itself is the most milked game in the series behind the FF series itself. But back then it wasn’t being milked, it was expanding the series because it was needed it was perfect. It was being milked then, as it is now. We really didn’t need a back story on Zack, or a game with Vincent, or a movie, or an anime, or anything else involving Vll, but we got it and people quickly got it. This is a recurring theme I won’t say what I’ll let you think for yourselves with that one.”

He is correct, but sometimes, as I have said, you know you’re being milked, and it’s all worth it. The game isn’t a NEED, hell, no game is, but the game is a WANT, and a want several people are excited for, including this author. Now, I’m not sold that it’ll be the end all be all, but with some cautious optimism, I can’t wait to try the game out. People begged for this game, a game that was never supposed to be, so maybe it bombs, or maybe it’s great, or somewhere in between, but we’ll have to wait till 2017 (my guess) till we can play it.

We sit here today, several months later, and I’m still excited to explore ALL of Midgar, and continue the story as Cloud, Barret, Aeris, Tifa, and the rest of avalanche as we face off, not only against Shinra, but Sephiroth. Final Fantasy VII is not my favorite FF; however, it holds a special place in my heart as my first, and my first RPG.


FFVII Remake, it’s what we asked for, yet people complain. This has baffled me, and honestly, I wish people would relax long enough to at least see how big each release will be, and to see how the battle system is. Will it be more oriented from what we’ve just seen from FFXV, will it be Kingdom Hearts? No one knows.

FFVII is beloved by most, hated by others, but the Remake will be good, I’ll take bets now (I like Boston Red Sox hats, old SNES games, and beer) that this game will be, not only epic, but fascinating. It won’t be perfect, just like the original wasn’t, but it will be fun.

I hope everyone out there will truly give this remake a chance, and I hope to see Square Enix further remake classic games into the HD world. Now, I know people have the right to be angry because things are changing, and honestly, several of the arguments make sense, but as gamers, let’s give this game a chance, we’ve only asked for it for 10-15 years.


Thoughts? Are you excited? Do you want to play the game on day one, or hold off?

Casey N. Todd
PSN: casey5934

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