Dark Souls 3: Arrows To The Everywhere

From Software have released a new gameplay video, showcasing the Thief class, and it certainly seems much faster than before.


The video, all in Japanese, shows the character in a new, unnamed area, with hooded enemies. The Thief takes out his knife, and shows how the Thief’s primary fighting style is to roll around and backstab his enemies (which could spell the dreaded backstab-fishing which was prominent in Dark Souls). The knife does little damage when used to fight normally, so critical attacks seem to be the way to go.

Another weapon we see is the Shortbow, which seems to have been upgraded a lot in mechanics since Dark Souls 1 and 2. If you played the first two DS games, you’ll know how slow it was to fire even the Shortbow. Now it seems to be muchapter more fluid movement, with the showcase firing several arrows off in quick succession.

Not much more is shown, except from the massive mountain backdrop we see at the end of the video. Could this be a new area too? Watch the video below:

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