Lego Marvel Avengers

Capturing key moments and our favorite scenes from the latest Marvel blockbuster hits The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Solider, Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World in the same charismatic value as we’ve experienced with its predecessor.  Developers Tt Games have ultron-jpg.jpgestablished themselves as the Lego giants of the video games and with this title comes no exception. The depth of the attention they paid to character designs have always been rather on point with its usual quirky humor (mixed with marvel has always proven a joyous experience) but with Marvel Avengers we see a level of detail finally being utilized in next generation consoles and it’s beauty is something to behold. Excelling in nonstop Lego Action-Adventure, we continue to see more and more creative structure added to each installment to the franchise, this title particular adding more texture to the environments and overall design, drawing from Lego Marvel previous success but adding its own unique touch. It’s important to remember that even though this follows the Marvel movies in story, particular objectives or puzzles you have to solve do not and are added entertainment outside of combat and dialogue which in itself is one of a kind.

With the game being released on January 26  I will keep it spoiler free, but with that in mind this game does follow scenes from different solo movies   With the bar being pushed from previous titles such as Lego Batman 3, Lego Marvel and Lego Jurassic World there was a high expectation for this title and it delivered. lego-marvels-avengers-trailer-fresh-from-new-york-comic-con.pngWith a more “realistic” approach but still with the Lego originated content, we see sharper textures and the lighting contrast is unfathomably delicious. An outstanding roster of over 200 characters (some returning from its previous title) and most with alternate costumes from old comic books or different suits to match the countless objective based missions there are.

The combat has taken a turn for the better, not saying that previous combat wasn’t fun but in some areas it did tend to get a bit tedious. With Lego Marvel Avengers we see a feisty combo system, prompted by a button after a few hits, that is within itself a beautiful sight. This game thrives on co-op play more than ever, often subjecting the player to several character changes to complete a task which isn’t a problem but does grow somewhat tedious. With such a fluid character swap option it’s literally a flick of the direction, and with the nonstop action that this game delivers the intensity of battle similar to movies as well. Certain objectives require both players to utilize their special abilities together to perform unique Avenger initiated moves which is a nice new addition. The harder focus on co-op really brought the game together and offer a two player experience that is one of a kind. Every two characters have a unique team ability, which means there are over 800 different combinations for you to discover! Outside of co-op play, each character themselves have special abilities and unique fighting styles to utilize for different situations you’ll encounter, across the various levels. Whether you’re in the air or fighting your foe on the ground it seems like all expenses were paid because coupled with the stronger co-op approach this game grabs your attention like no other.Voice acting for the game has changed as well, this time around Tt Games decided not to cast the original voice actors, and instead used clips from the 6 films and adapted them for use with the game. For me playing it felt like a smoother transition from movie screen to the Lego world. Lego and Marvel were a match made in heaven, which was ever so clear the first time around with Marvel’s humor and the ever-growing success Tt Games have created with their Lego franchise and their addicting play ability.



Final Grade-95% 

I should begin by stating if you don’t enjoy playing Lego games you may severely disagree with the grade, but for the type of game it is and the story it follows it was executed beautifully. The open world similar to Lego Marvel yet sculptured in its own way, nothing seems reused or rehashed which is a factor we often experience with sequels. We do see a fresh face lift to the graphics and the environment we experience the story within, the way certain items interact or the change reaction puzzles cause all screams simple pure addicting fun. Even Tony Stark sees an upgrade with his suit selection menu and several other new additions i won’t spoil for you. I can really appreciate how it followed major characters from movies we’ve all seen, but also paid homage to the lesser known character only a few of us may even know from comic books we read as kids. All in all Lego Marvel Avengers quickly became one of my favorites.

Pros – 

  • Great co-op experience
  • Kid friendly but humorous enough to entertain adults
  • Expansive open hub world
  • 100’s of different characters to choose from
  • Detailed graphics and environments

Cons – 

  • Core characters such as the X-Men or Fantastic Four aren’t available due to copyright
  • Repetitive feeling with certain quests or puzzles


I was very fortunate to be able to contact Arthur Parsons, Game Director of Tt Games and ask him a few questions about his work with Lego Marvel Avengers – 



GP –  What challenges or obstacles did you face when translating the world of Marvel and the Marvel Avengers to the Lego structure?

Arthur Parsons – The key challenge really was ensuring that we could get everything we wanted into the game. LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is a game that saw me and the team that worked on LEGO Marvel Super Heroes returning to the Marvel Universe, and as such we sat down at the start of the project and set some incredibly ambitious goals. We wanted to one up ourselves and make a game that was bigger and better in every way, pushing the limit both technically and creatively to ensure that gamers would not be disappointed with the game we delivered. That obviously brings with it a variety of challenges, whether it is being able to have more characters on-screen, faster loading or more immersive settings, the entire project was based around this creative competitiveness. Thankfully the team was aligned (as they always are!) in wanting to make the best game possible. So more open world locations, huge character roster, unique team-up moves, enhanced gameplay mechanics, etc., and everything that you see in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is the end result, and something we are delighted with.

GP -Unlike your other Lego titles this game features Avenger initiated moves where you team up with your co-avenger and solve puzzles and some rather awesome combos you can pull between various characters, why the harder focus on team work and co-op play with this installment?

Arthur Parsons – The Avengers are all about teamwork, it is all about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes coming together and working as a team. As Captain America says in Marvel’s The Avengers when quizzed by Black Widow about how they are going to do this… he says “as a team!” That is why we put such a firm focus on the teaming up aspects. LEGO games have always been about playing together cooperatively and working together to solve puzzles and take down the bad guys; it is what has always made the series so popular and successful. This is why you can team up anyone on the roster with anyone else to pull off combo moves, and more specifically if you team up any of the core Avengers (which includes Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Vision) with each other, then they will perform a unique combo move, and that works both ways, so Iron Man with Hulk is different to Hulk with Iron Man, which make it really fun to discover all of these combo moves. Each character also has their own finishing moves for combat; again it’s so much fun trying each and every character to see exactly what they do, it’s one of the features that really makes LEGO Marvel’s Avengers so rewarding. It is a game full of personality and character.

GP – The graphics, puzzles and overall game play really shown that you guys are constantly working on making every Lego game better than the last, what all went into creating this game?

Here at TT Games, we have a number of teams, and each team always wants to make sure that they one up each other. There is a brilliant friendly competitive spirit to making the games here, and that is one of the reasons why our games are always moving forward. We are an incredibly close-knit studio, and we are always talking to each 42149other, showing each other the cool new things we are working on, and that only serves to motivate us all to keep pushing forward in all areas. Whether it is technical innovations “under the bonnet” of the game that allow us to have 15 Iron Man suits in memory so that the player can choose live between them and transform uniquely, or whether it is enhanced lighting techniques allowing us to make the visuals pop that little bit more, everything gets moved forward. The component parts of a LEGO video game, and especially LEGO Marvel’s Avengers, are so incredibly advanced, between the high level of interactivity within levels and open world environments and the huge roster of characters who are all unique in terms of moves, effects, animations, sounds, we pour everything as a team into making our games, and we are always looking to better ourselves. Gamers know what to expect—they’ll get a huge game, that is a massive amount of fun, an immersive and authentic experience and something that they’ll remember. LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is no different.  It’s game that I am delighted with and hope that everyone plays and enjoys.

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