Gamers Pantheon’s First Ever GOTY

goty (1)We here at Gamers Pantheon, like all media mediums have decided to do our own Game of the Year for 2015.

To explain how we decided the top 5 games; we each chose 10 of our favorites from the highest scoring, and then voted that list down to 5 and then proceeded to place those 5 in order from 1-5. The game with the lowest average score would win first place, and so on. We will also let you know what games were honorable mentions at the bottom. So, knowing that, let us get started with number 5.

Number 5: 

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – MGSV

  • First off, I suck at these games. Stealth never has been my strong suit, but that is hardly the game’s fault. Being the final good that came before the official divorce of Hideo Kojima and Konami (Thank God), it is a swan song to what has been a very strong and long-running franchise, especially since its future is very uncertain.
  • Aside from some hiccups with its open world take, MGSV is a fun, fresh take on the stealth genre. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s a nice swan song for Kojima’s beloved franchise. Not to mention the game is gorgeous. Creating your own army was a pretty cool mechanic. I give this game 7 Shepards out of 10. That’s a lot of Shepards.
  • MGS is my favorite series of all time, and while the game had some issues, with the lack of a great story that we have become accustomed to in MGS games, the gameplay and the world were amazing.

Number 4:

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Tomb Raider Rise

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider is a gorgeous game. It had a story that sucked you and felt like you were playing a blockbuster game. It had some minor hiccups within the framerate and graphical glitches, but aside from that, a very deserving game.
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider The very reason they took the multiplayer out of this game was the same reason it grew to be a favorite out of the selection. The story was painted well by the beauty of the graphics and how in-depth the developers really involved the player. The puzzles were fun but easily guessed as well most of the relics or document locations prior to finding the maps.

Number 3:

Bloodborne – Bloodborne

  • This game is like Castlevania on crack. It’s fun, fast paced, difficult but not soul-crushing, and just very balanced. I mean sure, you can’t stop crazed biotics from making their own commune in this game but it’s still pretty fun in its own right. I give it 8 Wrexs out of 10.
  • Death, Despair, Hatred, Rage, Joy, all feelings I had while playing Bloodborne. A predecessor to the Dark Soul games, FromSoft gave us their best yet, and was my vote for GOTY.

Number 2:

Witcher 3Witcher 3 –

  • This game is huuuuuge (You know you heard Trump in your head when you read that). A full world with an absolute metric crap ton to do. And what made this game even better? FREE DLC!! You know, something that other companies *cough* EA *cough* have refused to do, because it would totally hurt business or something…….And yes, the game will charge for expansions, but that’s kind of the point. DLC is typically something that should have already been included in the game at release, and expansion packs are well…..expansions! The only thing really holding this game back is that unfortunately, unlike the other titles ahead of it, the appeal is nowhere near as universal.
  • CD Projekt Red knocked it out of the park by giving us a gorgeous, huge game with a ton to do, fun combat, FREE DLC (c’mon, how do you top that?) and just an overall enjoyable experience. There’s no Saren in it so it’s not perfect, but what can you do? I give it 9 awesome Paragon endgame options out of 10
  • Witcher 3 is everything you want in a game. Yes, the battle system wasn’t perfect, but the game’s story, immersive world, and vast exploring, along with its characters was what made this the GOTY for me. I loved everything about this game, and even got use to the battle system. The free DLC is also a bonus, and something I wish all developers would start to do.

Number 1:

Fallout 4 – fallout_4_boston_1024

  • Bethesda makes yet another Fallout game. It’s basically the same as the last 2 with some added stuff. Not that this is bad, but it played things pretty safe. There’s lot to do here, and it basically looks good doing it. I mean sure, it could’ve benefited from some Turian companions but so could everything in life. I give it 7.5 calibrations out of 10.
  • The initial hype and build up to this game was unreal, even getting a mobile game to pass the time until it’s release, and it was fun too! This game is by no means a technological marvel, but it is what every game needs to be, fun. And from what I can tell, Fallout 4 has a universal appeal in this area.
  • Fallout 4 was in Boston, I loved it from the second I saw Fenway Park (Diamond City in the game). Everything about this game is focused on exploring. The story could have been deeper, and the characters better, which is why it didn’t get my vote for GOTY, but is a beautiful world, and a blast to play for days on end.

Honorable Mentions:

SMM1Life is Strange




Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know how you feel, and what game we forgot, like dummies. Remember, this was voted on by us, here at Gamers Pantheon.


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