Busy Day for Ubisoft

UbisoftUbisoft has been rather busy today, announcing that Assassins Creed will not be releasing a major title in 2016 and that Watch Dogs 2 is being released early in 2017.

Assassins Creed

When it comes to Assassins Creed, I believe this to be one of the best things that Ubisoft can do. Unity really was not, and is not a great game. Syndicate, while better, was still a jumbled mess of glitches and lackluster story, even though London was gorgeous to play in. With the live action movie coming out later in 2016, and the lackluster India and Russia having just been released, I personally think it’s a great idea to hold off.

This gives the team time to make a great game, with a brilliant story, much like the first two. Being an AC fan, this gives me hope that they see the error of their ways, and fix the problems, glitches, and give us great story, and new action, in the next game.

Watch Dogs 2

As for Watch Dogs 2, this isn’t a shock, but there are some problems they need to fix from the first game. Watch Dogs was a decent launch title (or near launch), but had some hiccups and gave us yearning for more. With the game launching “before April 2017” this gives us hope that they have worked out the kinks, and will give us what we expected from Watch Dogs in the first place. The game, with its unlimited potential can still be something amazing.

What are your thoughts on Ubisoft’s big day of news? Do you hate it, love it, think it’s a great idea, or one of the worst?

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