BioWare’s Lead Writer for Mass Effect Andromeda Moves On

Following David Gaider’s leave from BioWare on Janurary 22, we see yet another writer, Chris Schleft (Lead Writer for Mass Effect:Andromeda), leave and join another company. Keeping fresh in mind that not even 2 months ago the Development Director Chris Wynne announced his leave, we see Schlerf returning back to Bungie after 5 months, as if it was Destiny. With his work with 343 on Halo 4 and the Halo 4 Reclaimer Trilogy Part 1- Awkakening,  we are curious to see his take in Destiny 2.  Refer to the pictures below for his own words on the situation.

With Andromeda being the 4th installment within the Mass Effect series, there is some speculation within the community that  John Dombrow may fill that spot. With his work on Mass Effect 3, the Priority: Sur’Kesh, Priority: Tuchanka and the Priority: Thessia missions, Garrus’ dialogue, and his co-work on the Citadel DLC..hell he has done DLC for Mass Effect 2 and even some of the Mass Effect comics from Dark Horse as well so it’s hard not to see the speculation as being a viable option.

Mass Effect Andromeda has been announced Holiday 2016, and will take place apart from the original trilogy, and be its own story.


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