Gaming on a Budget: Homefront Edition



Platform: PS3, Xbox360

Genre: Story based military shooter

Price: I got it for $4, can be found between $4 – $10

Gamer Pantheon Score: 60%



Homefront is a story based military shooter from 2011. It was clearly designed as a campaign built to support a far more expanded multiplayer component. But….the servers have now been shut down, which only leaves the single player campaign. Is it worth picking up anymore?


Homefront’s gameplay is pretty standard fare. The controls are responsive and easy to learn, although there are no real customisation options. I was hesitant in some flying sections cause I’m rubbish at driving and flying games, but even here I didn’t really struggle. There is no levelling or weapon or gear customisation – you pick weapons up as you go. There are seven missions in the campaign, tied together with animations and cut scenes. The missions flow comfortably into each other, and there is minimal down time between them. You will be accompanied by 1-3 AI companions for most of the campaign. They are pretty good at staying out of the way, although occasionally I found them bumping me out of cover, or blocking my retreat. There are points in the story that require you to follow or speak to an NPC – if you move on ahead the AI can get confused, or you can hit an invisible wall that forces you to wait your turn. So take it as it comes, as the game won’t let you go at your own pace!


North Korea has much more military power than the outside world realised, and attacked and annexed South Korea all of a sudden. They then proceed to attack and annex other parts of the world including Japan, and then parts of the US. You are a pilot, recruited by the resistance, to assist in a dangerous mission to claw back San Francisco. Beyond this, the story isn’t really explained. You can pick up newspapers throughout the missions that give snippets of information, but the details are largely left out. Some of this might have been covered in the multiplayer, however this review is based on the single player only.

Homefront-PCCoverSleeveGraphics & Sound

Homefront’s graphics and sound are nice and clean, with no noticeable glitches or issues. The graphics are quite gritty, bleak and subtle, which suits the game well.


Homefront is a clean, well-made military shooter. The missions move and flow nicely, and there are no glaring issues that pull you out of the game. Despite this, with the removal of the multiplayer, there is minimal replay value. The campaign is short – I completed it in about 5 hours with plenty of breaks. There are several difficulties and trophies to get, but without an upgrade system, there would no real noticeable change in the feel of the play, which kind of puts me off putting them effort in. And with the news that Homefront: The Revolution is completely rebuilding the world, including that backstory, there is little point in picking it up in preparation for that. My recommendation – if you can get it super cheap and you enjoy the genre, you’ll get a good few hours of fun out of it. Otherwise, don’t bother.


Editor Note – This game plays like Red Dawn in video game form. The story is very similar, and having played it when it first launched I really enjoyed it. I decided to buy it and play some MP with the writer, and well, I wish I had googled it before I did. The game is cheap, and there is reason for that. Without MP, you’re not playing but maybe 5-7 hours of a game.

The characters are enjoyable, and the story is good, but if you can’t get it for around $5, don’t buy it.

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