Good but Unfinished: The Street Fighter V Review


This game is nearly amazing, but at the end, it just lets you down. Street Fighter V, on the PC and PS4, has the mechanics, the characters, the levels to make you want to love this game, but the overall feel is that of being unfinished.


The game is, in this reviewers opinion, the tightest controlled game in the series. It is extremely smooth, and makes you want to continue fighting. The controls, the fluid moves, everything feels amazing about this game. You now have two new mechanics, V-Trigger and V-Skill. V-Skills are new moves that can be used at any time, by hitting the two medium attack buttons. They can be anything from an offensive strike to a defensive parry, and they feel right. V-Trigger is a specialty move, which you have to fill up the V-Gauge by either attacking or taking damage, and once filled, pushing the two hard attack buttons at the same time allows for this new mechanic to become a game changer. If you liked SF4’s mechanics, this game just improves upon those and feels, nearly, perfect.

Now, we have 16 characters at launch, from old classics to new, interesting characters. Most have their own feel, and make the game rather enjoyable. I didn’t have a problem with the character we were given, but those that weren’t given at launch, which we’ll discuss later on. The fighters are diverse within their styles and strengths. You have some classics like Zangief, who is strong, powerful, but slow, and Necalli, who is strong, semi-weak (in health), but has amazing technique. No matter how you fight, you’ll have a character that you will enjoy.


The game does look amazing, and the characters are vivid, be it Ryu’s face, or Cammy’s ass, everything has detail and is bright with life and color. Which does bring me to the fact that this game reminds me a lot of the Dead or Alive series with its crazy breast physics and the sexual actions of the characters. Besides the characters, the levels are beautiful, and well thought out.

Fight money is an interesting concept, and supposedly you can get Alex off of single player mode alone. Characters will cost 100,000 of the in-game currency, and coins can be earned by finishing certain task. The concept is good, but we’ll see if it actually stays.

As for the game modes, this is where we start having major problems. If you’re a fan of single player, you’ll be somewhat disappointed, as it seems Arcade games from the early 90s have a better single player mode than this game. The “story mode” if you can call it that, is a major letdown. While you do get to see some insight into the characters, they’re over so quickly, that in a span of 2 hours, you can have all 16 done.


Yes, we know the “full” campaign is coming later in time (June) and it is free, but that’s not the ONLY thing coming at a later time, which makes this game feel unfinished. We know that Spectator mode will be arriving “soon,” as well as Challenge Mode and Daily Challenges which come to us in March. Along with the wait for those modes we must also wait for support for larger lobbies which arrives “shortly after launch.” The game does not have many modes at the moment, as you have versus (offline and online), training, survival (a string of opponents where you can exchange points for buffs between rounds), and…nothing else, not even a true arcade mode. I do wish we were given more characters, but the 16 given at launch won’t make you feel like you’re left with nothing, but maybe a classic favorite.


As for online mode, which everyone will want to play, it’s mostly great. It’s sad that your fighter ID cannot be changed, the actual launch problems you see on most games, didn’t seem to be a problem here. I’ve been playing for sometime online, and didn’t have an issue.

The game overall is a great platform to build on, I just wish there was more to be had at launch. I’m still enjoying what I have, but really feel that we could have and should have had more at launch. The story mode we were given was weak, and feels much like Ground Zero, a prologue to something bigger, later. I must say however, that I had a great time playing it.



  • Great Controls
  • Gorgeous Graphics
  • Wonderful Characters
  • V-Trigger and V-Skills is amazing


  • Lack of Single Player
  • DoA feeling within characters
  • Unfinished Feel

Game was reviewed on PS4

PSN: casey5934


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