Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Following the final arcs of Hiroshi Matsuyama’s storyline for Naruto, we continue to follow the saga  left to us from the previous title in the series, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation 3. Returning to the original roots of Storm Generations, we see the final chapters of the Naruto Uzumaki and his fight to save the world.



Keeping in mind that this is a pure story adaption there is a spoiler alert because I would hate to have a reader have a series spoiled if they haven’t finished it. Although I won’t be going into full detail, I will be discussing certain parts and images from my playthrough which will reveal a little bit as well.

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Focusing on the story elements of the series we experience a somewhat disappointing cinematic experience. With a huge revert from the how the story is played with the 2 previous titles, we return to watching cut scenes, button sequences and then combat as opposed to a more adventurous story mode. The adventure part instead is in its own separate category following the events that take place after the main story ends. We witness the very end of not only the Hidden Leaf Village, but what appears to be the world as Madara Uchiha and his project “Tsuki no Me” is slowly coming together. Although the execution doesn’t go 100% as plan the end goal still remains… to project the Infinite Tsukuyomi onto the moon, a genjustu that traps the world in a dream world illusion, drawing their chakra and keeping them all in enslavement while Madara becomes ruler of the world.  We see Sasuke make an awestruck appearance and surprisingly the reunion  of Team 7 to save the world.


We also see why Naruto and Sasuke are constantly fighting, they both host the reincarnations of Asure Otsutuki and Indra Otsutsuki, the sons of legendary Hagoromo Otsutsuki the Sage of Six Paths (A god-like figure that, alongside with his fraternal twin, sealed his mother, Kaguya, who became a Ten-Tail beast that was angered at the World and attempted to reclaim what was hers through Infinite Tsukyuomi .). Hagoromo created Ninshu and the Ninja world, his goal was far to vast for his lifetime so he taught his teachings to his sons, Indra was acknowledged as a prodigy by his father while Asura was the exact opposite. Though this was the case, Asura was named Hagoromo’s successor, causing Indra to be overcame by bitterness and envy beginning a war that would continue through their descendants.Controlled by the Black Zetsu, Indra was being manipulated by a manifestation of his mother’s will to eventually resurrecting Kaguya and the Infinite Tsukyomi once again.

Even more we experience the relationship between Obito and Kakashi, from the beginning to the end. We find out who exactly is the masked man, and we dive deep into that back story as well..learning about Obito’s passion for bringing Rin back and how he fell victim
to Madara…a reincarnation of Indra!! Will The Infinite Tsukyomi enslave everyone or will Naruto show us what it takes to become the Hokage?

The Gameplay

The game has several changes to the mechanics for combat as well, including the lack of Guard Break’s, 12742038_1041912862531686_6868001038963441408_nremoval of the option to select three different fighting styles (opting for the system of Ultimate Jutsu and Awakenings) and more.We are introduced to the use of weapons in combat and a new damage system, where certain moves or attacks can “break” armor causing for devastating attacks to follow. The fluid of combat is more consistent than ever, with team battles finally allowing swap able characters (although the team shares 1 health bar) and more enhanced controls to develop more structure team combos. Also returning is the ability to wall run, since omitted from the first Storm Generation, but with major change. You can now have one player on a wall and one on the battlefield to add more dynamics and ingenuity to the game play. With several features such as Survival mode (with randomize handicaps for both players), tournaments and free battles the fun doesn’t stop after the end of the game. With a roster featuring the entire Naruto universe we are opened to endless possibilities for team combinations or a number of choices for single player combat.






Naruto Storm Generation 4 delivered what it could within its short time it allowed for campaign. The lack of an adventure within the story was disappointing, following the jump from cut scene to battle wasn’t exactly horrible but it quickly became a tedious chore to just finish the game. If you were to die in combat during the main story you are transported to another realm where the Six Sage gives you a choice to boost your attack or defense, allowing you to start over at full health to have a advantage. While this helps with defeating the game’s harder bosses, it takes away from the satisfaction of beating a worthy boss, eventually if you lose enough it becomes child play at a point. It saddens me to see such good change with the team battles and the general overall combat and to have it negated with a campaign lack solid substance. The button sequence scenes though well designed, were almost too much..trying to take in the whole picture while avoiding a mistake added pressure which i guess breaks the monotony but overwhelms the experience. Keeping the campaign similar to the Storm Generation 3 and making the after events just a part of the world after you beat the game would have been the better route in my opinion, adding more hours, content and playable areas to explore. I just felt that separating the two and giving us a “road” to travel the story on was such a lacking decision and took away from the feeling of being involved in a game to just playing a game. With several DLC contents en route this is said to be the last of the Naruto Storm Generation series and after playing this last one I really wouldn’t mind to be honest. The 3rd Storm Generation, hell even Revolution created a solid expectation for this game and although the combat aspect of it was met the story was not.



  • The ability to wall run, an ability omitted from the series since the original Ultimate Ninja Storm
  • New damage system
  • Usable weapons
  • Cutting the ability to select 3 different fighting types and bringing back Ultimate Jutsu and Awakenings
  • The ability to swap between team mates during team battles
  • Features one of the biggest roster in the series, including characters from the entire universe as well as 2 movies


  • The absence of Guard Breaks after being introduced in Naruto Storm Revolution
  • Very short campaign, lasting at the most roughly 10 hours
  • Separating the Adventure World and the Campaign from one another, unlike the previous two titles prior (Although Naruto Storm Revolution was more tournament based)
  • Several of the story based cut scenes were very lacking of substance

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