Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: 3 Years Later

February 19th was the three-year mark since we were able to play as Raiden in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Our Editor-In-Chief and V.P. of Operations sat down and discussed and played the game. Below, we have their feelings on the game and why, for one of them, it changed the way he looks at Metal Gear games.

So, I went against everything I ever do, I held off playing a game because of a fan base, and I’m disappointed in myself. I listened to the Metal Gear Solid fans and decided not to play Metal Gear Rising. I heard every reason, such as the story was weak, the characters weren’t good, or the game just wasn’t a Metal Gear. Goddammit, I’m pissed I listened to fans.


Metal Gear Rising is a true Metal Gear game; yes, the gameplay is different, but we are playing as cyborg Raiden, not sneaking master Solid Snake or Big Boss. The characters are superb, especially the bosses. They DEFINITELY have a Metal Gear feel to them. The story, if you pay attention (it doesn’t make us watch hours of cutscenes), is a good, not great, story. The mechanics are superb; but I expect that from a Platinum Games game.

Now, this game isn’t perfect, it has its problems, especially with the camera, and if you don’t like tough games, this isn’t the game for you. Some of the characters aren’t developed as well as others, and there are some plotholes, but those aren’t major.

I want to explain, one, why I decided to play this game, and two, why I am pissed I listened to the fans. I asked my girlfriend what I should play, and she said “Well, you haven’t play Metal Gear Rising, and you love the Solid games,” so I listened and put the game in. From the beginning boss battle when you fight Metal Gear Rex to the end, the game plays an emotional roller coaster of feels and nostalgia. I went into this game expecting something completely stupid and obscene and I came out pleasantly surprised.


So, I ask my fellow MGS fans, why the hate? I have a feeling it’s mostly because of the gameplay, which you know, isn’t so bad, and the main character, Raiden. I believe fans are holding a 15 year grudge against Raiden for Kojima playing the bait and switch on us. Now, I didn’t hate Raiden in 2, yes he was young, he wasn’t Solid, and he did naked cartwheels, but the character wasn’t as bad as everyone made him out to be. We also met him again in MGS4: Guns of the Patriots, and well, the dude was a badass cyborg who kicked major fucking ass, but people still hated him, and that’s fine I suppose, I won’t say I understand, but I don’t like things others love…

The game is a fast paced, enjoyable game. It makes us understand Raiden more, and it makes us see things from his perspective. Taking place after the story of MGS4 (I know it’s not canon) and showing how Raiden has matured even more, and grown cocky, much like our beloved Solid Snake, he fights for the weak. Raiden, in a way, reminds me of Rurouni Kenshin, fighting so the weak can live happily. Raiden is a pure hero in mindset, and a violent vigilante on the battlefield.

Now, like I mentioned earlier, this game isn’t perfect, the pacing is either slower than molasses running down a tree, or as fast as driving a Bugatti Veyron at full speed; the camera is its biggest problem as it can cause you to suffer damage at the worst time, but it can be controlled rather easily, once you get the hang of it. Metal-Gear-Rising-RevengeanceHowever, the upgrade system, the characters within the game, and the boss battles are over the top fun, and have that solid Metal Gear feel, that makes you feel at home while you’re no longer sneaking, which is an option.

If you haven’t played this game, or if you hated it because of Raiden, I suggest trying it again. I believe if you go in with a different mindset, and are willing to learn more about Raiden, you might not hate him. The game is cheap too; I bought it used for $11 after taxes. This game, changed the way I will always look at Metal Gear games, as they don’t need to be filled with pure sneaking and Solid Snake, but rather the story arc and the characters can help make it a Metal Gear game.

Editor –In – Chief

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a controversial game in many ways. It stars Raiden, who many people (erroneously) hate for his part in Metal Gear Solid 2. They see him as a fake out. He’s the “not-Snake.” People came into Metal Gear Solid 2 with certain expectations, and what they got was a bishy Sephiroth knockoff that wasn’t half as cool as Snake.

That’s what they’ll tell you, anyway.


For me, Raiden made Metal Gear Solid 2 my favorite game of the series. He was completely out of nowhere, and it threw me off in the best way.

Fast forward to Metal Gear Solid 4, Raiden is back, but he’s not whiny anymore (a fact that even I was thankful for) and is kind of badass. He’s a cyborg ninja, much like a fan favorite, um, Gray Fox. Gray Fox was pretty awesome, so now too is Raiden, begrudgingly to some, pretty awesome as well.

Enter Metal Gear Rising. Developed by Platinum Games, the masters of action, there’s a reason this game dropped the “Solid” suffix. It’s not a stealth game, its pure action (though the stealth is snuck in there on occasion) and it’s great at what it does. As someone who has always enjoyed Metal Gear, but is…less than proficient at stealth, this was a welcome change. I consider Rising my favorite PS3 game. But why?


Metal Gear Rising has some of the most satisfying action in any game out there. Raiden is just as quick and responsive as you’d except from a cyborg ninja. Parrying can be tough, but nothing is more satisfying than throwing an enemy off guard only to enter Blade Mode and finish it off.

Let’s talk about Blade Mode. This lets you control Raiden’s katana directly, allowing precision sword cuts that do major damage. Almost everything in the game can be cut. This allows you to cut off hands for ID tags, or to surgically remove the spines of your enemies to nourish you cyborg body. (Yes, this game is brutal.) Combine this with Ninja Run, aka parkour done right, and you have everything you need for a fast paced, over-the-top action experience.

Sure, the plot is insane, but have you PLAYED a Metal Gear game?

V.P of Operations

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