True Colours of Darkness: Dark Souls 3 Gameplay Trailer


From Software have released a new game trailer for Dark Souls 3, and it contains a lot of new and old areas and enemies we’ve already been shown.

As the trailer rolls through game clips, the trailer seems to be taunting us in the usual Dark Souls fashion; telling us that we’re going to die and how hard the game is going to be. The writing “Many will fall…” fades off of the screen, followed by three clips of various deaths. Reassuring.


Various new enemies are shown, as well as new bosses too. One flame-engulfed enemy appears in the third death clip, and slams a large fiery weapon into the ground which generates an AoE effect. Veterans of the series will see similarities between this and the Firesage Demon from Dark Souls 1 (unlikely to be the same, but it certainly looks like it and fills us with dread and nightmares of thošė vicious AoEs…).

Another enemy we’re shown is a knight that seems to resemble one of the Black Knights from Dark Souls 1 too, wielding a nasty looking halberd. The Black Knights served Lord Gwyn, one of the Lords of Cinder, so could they be coming back?


Crystal magic seems to be returning, at least for enemies, as one explodes around the player. We also get to see the new weapon buffs, as the player ignites his sword with a fire buff, alongside various weapons.

We’re also treated to a few armour sets, one of which is a favourite among many fans. We see a cleric character appearing to buff his mace, and we see a bucket helm and cloak, resembling both the ancient Templars, and the Knight Solaire of Astora, who many fans came to love (I’m excluded from this part). The second armour is more challenging to spot, but careful and vigilant viewers will instantly spot the Elite Knight Set, using a Bell item. This is likely one of the new chimes used to cast miracles, and not the online items like in Bloodborne (Though it seemed to glow red).


We also see some new areas, varying from an old house to an empty fountain. The trailer definitely shows the influences from Bloodborne, with a few Victorian-esque styled buildings. We also see more of old areas, such as the High Wall of Lothric, introduced to us in the network test.

With April closing in quickly, it won’t be long till the West get to experience it, with Japan receiving the game in March. Watch the trailer below:

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