Far Cry Primal, Taming the Beast

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Far Cry Primal reverts from the modern-day civil war we experienced in a fictional Himalayan country with Far Cry 4 and exchanged it for a Central European one set at the beginning of the Mesolithic Period (10,000 B.C.), roughly 65 millions years after the dinosaurs, sadly. We follow our protagonist  Takkar, a Wenja tribesman who was left stranded in Oros after his hunting party was ambushed and his fight for survival. During the course of the game we follow Takkar as he learns new skills to create weapons, tame animals and build a community as he rises to become leader of his tribe.

The fit for survival has never been as in-depth with a game as this one. The same meat you use to heal with is also what you use to tame animals or heal them, and with all your weapons requiring similar items to craft we are left with a lot of conflicting choices. Do I craft arrows to help keep the danger at bay or a spear to help with up close confrontation? Is this party of Wenja I’m supposed to protect while being ambushed by the flesh-eating Udam tribe (the main antagonistic tribe led by Ull) or a wild savage Saber-toothed 12804715_1050094175046888_3358308717457529273_ntiger pouncing on one of us? The anticipation only building further more with the immersive ambient noises and various surroundings. Everything you use in the game is crafted by items found all over the game, and Survival easily becomes a daily challenge that doesn’t fade when night falls..it gets worst.

The Gameplay

This action-adventure game delivers with the pre-historic setting and environment without question, featuring a strong crafting system in which the more you delved into the game the more powerful your weapons become. The obvious choice with a survival game based on crafting but what really struck me is how in-depth everything became. You double the club as a torch to explore darker areas but also for use at night, not only as a guide but to defend against the hunters of the animal kingdom that become more aggressive at night and other “fun” surprises that lurk and wait for you. The overall game experience becomes more direct, and more involving with everything  you do in the game compared to the other Far Cry games in the series. Hell, even the dialogue for the 3 tribes in the game (Wenja, Udam and Izila) were created based upon a Proto-Indo-European language, and outside that, the attention to detail of the entire game really shines and goes to show you that cutting the Multiplayer for a more focused Single player experience isn’t always a bad move.


Combat becomes more personal and up close with use of the club, the healthy thud of the a skull being bashed in as you take an enemy down from behind is always a satisfying factor in games. The adrenaline of watching a war party split up and having several foe try to overwhelm you is a welcomed experience, even the rag doll effects have been catered t, evident by the stopping power of an arrow to a forehead stopping an enemy mere feet from my position.The complexity of your attacks range on the skills you distribute, following a role-playing element as you advance throughout the game.

In this open world there are countless Wenja all over the map with small side quest involving killing other tribe, animals, escorts or gathering supplies..very similar to that of Far Cry 4.


The more I played Far Cry Primal I realized the amount of detail attributed to this game, the way it sets you in the caveman atmosphere and the brutality of life we imagined back then but I 1496935_1048932825163023_6885967441834767566_n.jpgreally could pull myself away from how much of a face lift this felt to Far Cry 4. It basically felt like a thoroughly expanded “Blood Dragon” DLC with a caveman adaptation. Instead of helping a broken community fight against a tyrant, we help our tribe become self-sufficient through key tribe members. Instead of fortified outposts we have campsites, in order to advance in skill set you have to advance within the quest, locking off many skills until you until different parts of the world. This game definitely satisfies any bloodlust you may have with very savage and unforgiving combat and animal attacks, way more primitive than I thought they would be able to pull off with a game of this nature.


  • Immersive single player experience
  • Fluid combat/crafting
  • Ambient environments with very a noticeable effort with details
  • Day/Night cycle becomes life or death very quick
  • Animal taming was a very cool feature



  • Felt more like a face lift then a new game
  • Repetitious combat and bland missions
  • Graphic errors and several bugs occurred where my arm would disappear or my weapon would distort
  • Crafting everything on the move quickly became tedious


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