Call of Duty: Space Warfare?


The rumour mill is spinning once again as the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise is rumored to be in space. Oh boy.

Industry source Shinobi has suggested that the next CoD game will be “full on sci-fi”, set in space itself and even come with “space combat”.


This challenges the other rumours floating around that the next game will be Ghosts 2, which many fans and rumour gurus had previously believed to be the case.

Infinity Ward are set to make the game this year, and seeing as Ghosts wasn’t the most well-received game on the saga’s list, it’s likely that they’ll look to revamp the series by sending it into the stars. Also, considering Shinobi successfully announced that Black Ops 3 would have wall-running, cybernetically enhanced characters, and that it would be made for the old gen consoles, and that Activision DOES have the name “Space Warfare” trademarked, it’s fair to say that he’s likely got it right, or at least close.


We’ll find out at E3 this June, as well as on release in November for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

What’s your opinion on this suggestion? Personally, I believe that this game will be the coming of the end for Call of Duty, if it turns out to be true. Space is the last place they can take the game before that’s it, and due to many fans beginning to find the franchise stale, it may be that we shall see the end of one of the biggest FPS giants.

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