Final Fantasy XV Release Date and News

FFXV battle 3September 30, 2016, the date which we will FINALLY be able to play Final Fantasy XV. FFXV has been at the forefront of the hatred of Square Enix, as people are torn on what to expect. From what we saw in the uncovering, the game looks to be strong, and have an open world, with a good focus on stories. Tabata has already said we will have some “flashback” scenes that will explain Noctis’s childhood.

Finishing the Demo, which follows a young Noctis, on an adventure through a dream world, Noctis created, will allow you to unlock the Carbuncle summon, which you can ONLY  get through the demo, within the final game. The demo, which will be available this evening, will show off the final visuals and battle system that are expected to be in the released game.

So not only was there a game announced, but we are getting an anime, Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV, and a movie, Kingsglave, with voice actors such as Sean Bean and Aaron Paul.

The special edition will include a steel book, a copy of the movie, and the soundtrack, along with the game. No price was revealed, but you can pre-order this title at 9 P.M. Pacific Time this evening.

I know that our Editor-in-Chief is excited for the game, and will be the first one to tell you, he’s still cautiously optimistic. The game is looking promising, and Tabata has taken the time to make sure he listens to the fans, so we can only hope this game meets the standards players are expecting. September 30, 2016, on the PS4 and Xbox One, we shall find out.


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