Ratchet & Clank, not just a reboot

To say that this is simply a reboot of Insomniac Games’ 2002  3D platformer-shooter Ratchet & Clank would be doing it a grave injustice. The game based on the movie based onRATCHET AND CLANK 1 the game is completely rebuilt, and though it’s a re-imagination of the PS2 hit “Ratchet & Clank” it has different elements from the installments over the series’ 14 year spa.
Outside of experiencing the cream of the crop from each installment we are also introduced to some new and invigorating aspects to the game play that keeps you engaged and rarely does the fun factor diminish. Providing the perfect introduction to Ratchet & Clanks story and the their fight against the villainous Chairman Drek, leader of the Blargs, attempting to create a new planet for his race while destroying many others with his actions. By befriending famous superhero Captain Qwark and several others, we follow Ratchet & Clank’s journey across the galaxy to defeat Chairman Drek.




The Gameplay

Immersed in the perfect element of overwhelming sensations combined with quirky charm and humorous relief, Ratchet & Clank easily provides the edge that grabs a player and doesn’t let go. Although we are only left with a 15 hour-long story, its ripe with experience, story and such beautiful graphics that sometimes it’s hard not to get distracted for a few seconds and admiring how the light reflects off different surfaces or how character models just fit the environments so perfectly. A decent blend of puzzle and adventure outside the combat, we see an interesting level of detail with the puzzle schemes, while several are rather easy, some of them can catch you off guard rather fast. Seeing how RATCHET AND CLANK 2.jpgfluid Ratchet’s gadgets work within the different levels is a work of art, swinging in and out of combat all while maintaining that comical charm that we grew to adore during this series’ run. Dancing around enemies while explosions are scattering bolts and broken parts provides a height of visual sensation that few games truly deliver. The farther you go into the game, the harder the levels grow and though it seems like several enemies just get a face lift, the way they approach combat and their abilities change allowing for a fresh stream of strategies to keep you on your toes.


Mr. Zurkon doesn’t require bolts, his currency is pain.


This third-person single player experience delivers not only with story, puzzles and adventure..but also with its weapons and leveling system. As you work through the cleverly disguised tutorials, you begin collecting the vast array of weapons. Utilizing different weapons for different play styles yield different rewards, so it is useful to change your load out often and take advantage of the different abilities each one gives.
By spending bolts and raritanium you collect through the level you can purchase different weapons, ammo, and upgrade your weapons and their mods via the Gadgetron Vendor. Armed with your trusty Omniwrench 8000, Hydropack and other gadgets you unlock you eventually are able to go back through each level and gain access to all the Golden Bolts, unlocking different skins and other unique rewards.






It was hard for me to find many negatives with this game, for being a reboot it greatly exceeded my expectations heading into it. It was hard to balance reviewing the game and  trying to not just let my inner teen nostalgia take over. It felt like how invigorating the game felt when I first play it in 2002 and even more today. The levels really focused on keeping a sense of ingenuity and even though several enemies looked more of a facelift then a new model, they are met with different tactics and how they approach the player. The puzzles keep you up on your toes while the hidden treasures provided a sense of accomplishment in many cases. In few cases the camera failed me, or didn’t quick stick to my character as much as I would’ve liked to see. Nonetheless the you can really see the preparation and detail Insomniac Games provided for this title, with several of the cut scenes looking like they are actually from the movie itself. When you hit playable areas the graphics aren’t really compromised either, keeping close to the cinematic value the cut scenes show. Overall at $40 bucks, this game is more than a bargain and if nothing sparked my interest to see the movie before, I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to see it after playing this.



  • Truly captivating, scenery and graphics
  • More than just a reboot and did justice to the 2002 Ratchet & Clank
  • Interesting weapon leveling and modding, encourages players to grind by offering incentive rewards
  • Creative weapons and gadgets
  • Interesting Planets that varied puzzles and enemies
  • Fun mini-game



  • Minor issues with camera movements, rarely did it affect my game but I did die several times as a result of the camera being “stuck” or not being a bit more fluid.
  • Replay value is limited unless you start a whole new game
  • Bugs with certain functions, some of the techniques you use to overcome obstacles in the game are not 100% fluid but it’s at a minimal

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