Exile Is Not The End: Pyre Reveal Trailer

Supergiant Games, the creators of Bastion and Transistor, have given us a reveal trailer for their upcoming game, Pyre.

Unlike Bastion and Transistor, however, this is a party-based RPG, and we see a few bits of gameplay in here.

The trailer opens with a still image of one of the characters with the message;

Those who bear the book,
Seek a mystic path to freedom.
Exile is not the end.

We’re then shown a few clips of what looks like combat, though not enough to be definitely sure. From what we can see, the game will allow you to free move during combat, and we also see the character produce a blue ball of fire, suggesting magic combat.

There also seems to be puzzles in the game too. We see a clip of a library and a book, with a symbol in the centre of the screen. It then jumps to a shot of the night sky, with the player repeating the pattern from the front of the book onto the night sky. We then see the same patterns on rocks in a combat zone, so perhaps these symbols have an effect on the outcome of battles.

If you want to watch the trailer, look at the link below:

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