Call of Duty: Space is Here

CODIWInfinity Ward has announced Infinite Warfare, and there has always been a saying “once you go to space, you have nowhere else to go.” Well, we’re about to find out what happens to Call of Duty when it goes to space. Taking away all annoyances, biases, etc., let’s discuss what we see in the trailer. One, you are going to do a flying mission, which, for CoD should be a nice change of pace, but is to be expected. We also are going to see space, which we all know has zilch in the gravity department, so space warfare might change how things work. The game is very futuristic, which many didn’t want it going that way, but we shall see what happens with Infinite Warfare.

Now, on a brilliant business move by Infinity and Activision, they are selling for $20 more, the legacy collection, which comes with a remake of the beloved Modern Warfare. Now, we are hearing it will only come with the original 10 maps, and none of the DLC, which I’m fine with, as I didn’t play DLC back in the day. This is a good price for a great game, and might be all that is saving Infinite Warfare, if that’s your opinion.


I for one am curious to see where Infinite Warfare goes, besides space. Will the story be good? Are the characters going to be memorable? What will multiplayer be like? We shall find out, November 4, 2016.


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