Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Is it Greatness?

Uncharted, we all know what the series is. This week taught me that there are actually people who don’t like these games, which honestly, seemed like a sin. However, I’ll tell you this now, if you didn’t like any of the other games, you probably won’t like this game, but just as I’m not a Pokemon fan, I still believe them to be good games, just not my cup of tea. So, let us begin with the review.


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End starts you out with a bang, and, mostly, continues from there. The first mission is just you heading towards an island on a boat, but as anyone who has played an Uncharted, or any video game, knows that isn’t as easy as it sounds. You get through the mission, and the opening cinematic appears, and we spot our hero as a 12 year old kid, leaving the orphanage, and meeting up with his 18 year old(ish) brother, Sam. This is really just to learn all the controls, and even some new controls, which we’ll get to later. It really does show a background to the characters we’ve not seen in an Uncharted game.

Uncharted 4 is a game that not only develops characters, a beautiful story, and a wonderful game, but has maturity. Early on, we watch Nathan up in his attic, checking out all his old journeys, and “enjoying” the home life. He has been offered a “life-changing” mission, but won’t take it, because he has retired. All of a sudden, we see his brother come back into his life, and of course, his brother needs help. Which leads me to the character development within the game. Sam, Nathan’s brother, isn’t always trustworthy, but he is blood, and Nathan will do anything to help him, even lying to Elena. So, the crew of Sully, Sam, and Nate go on an adventure to find Avery’s treasure, to save the life of Sam from a evil drug lord.


The A.I. is actually superb, as they’ll crouch if you go into stealth mode, and unlike The Last of Us, they do a good job. If they get in your way, they’ll let you climb over them, or move out of your way, and they’re actually useful in a gunfight. Along with the A.I. The physics are AMAZING. Naughty Dog really took their time, and made the physics work. While there are some minor issues when you jump across ledges, such as it looking like your neck snapped, the actual ability to cause rock slides and change the layout of the land around you when fighting enemies is a beautiful addition to helping in a gunfight, or getting across a large ravine.

The stealth gameplay isn’t anything special, but with the options you have, to either go guns a blazing, or to hide and take out each individual bad guy one by one, it is all fluid, and easy to do. The controls are your normal Uncharted scheme, but with the addition of a grappling hook (which is super powered). The hook is a mechanic that is insane, and overpowering, but it’s a fun mechanic, and isn’t overused. The shooting is better, but still not as great as a Mass Effect or FPS, but is still nice enough to handle taking down the villains.


Now, without fail, this game is one of the best overall games I’ve ever played, and without ruining the story, is one of the greatest stories I’ve ever played. I am a story first gamer, and this game makes me happy in every way of the word, however, it is not without fault.

Some of the animations are off, like the neck snapping when jumping from ledge to ledge, and the collision detection isn’t as good as other games. The story does have moments, like any Uncharted, that drags along, but overall the story is as superb as any other Uncharted, and I will say any game of this console generation.


The multiplayer is hit or miss, I know a few of my friends who hate it, as it’s too simple, and “doesn’t take aiming into consideration to win” but I am one that really enjoys the game. It’s a simple, easy, MP that does what it does well. It’s not the perfect MP, and it has some problems, but it’s overall fun.

Uncharted 4 is NOT perfect, but it is a superb, amazing game, with an amazing story, beautiful characters, and some of the best character development I’ve seen in any media, let alone a game. This game is a damn near perfect sendoff of the series. We are able to say goodbye to Nate, Elena, Sully, and the rest, as we move forward to see what Naughty Dog does next. Uncharted 4 is arguably the best game in this generation.

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Snippet from another player –

Uncharted 4 was my first introduction to what surely is going to be one of Naughty Dog’s giants, delivering substance and emotion among it’s nature of exploration and gun play. Within the first several minutes of my play through it was very noticeable how much attention to detail Naughty Dog paid to not only the environment, but also the cast of characters within the game.


It is easy for games to create a love story but it’s rare for one to bring it alive, you feel the connection between Nate and Elena grow especially during the cut scence where they playfully throw jabs at each other and get competitive over Crash Bandicoot. Even the connection with Sam was evident and the back story between the two brothers really brought this game together. Exploration within the game was beautiful crafted although i felt some of the jumps and ledges were a bit much, although I will say not many games follow a realistic sense of direction when it comes to action sequences or scenes.

The gun play was rather fun, with the cover system and even more so when you’re able to swing and shoot it was really exhilarating seeing realistic body movements and the rag doll effect of enemies I killed. Overall I really appreciated the exploration of this game but i felt some of it was a bit much or tedious. The puzzle areas were pretty fun and had some ingenuity requiring you to look in your journal or search around for clues and the A.I. were helpful in many parts of the game. Nathan Drake’s Uncharted Collection here I come!

Gamers Pantheon score – 95%

Pros –

  • Diverse Characters
  • Great Story
  • Good Gameplay
  • Fun MP
  • A Fond Farewell

Cons –

  • Collision Detection
  • Story Can Drag
  • Over Simplified MP



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