TMNT: A mishap in Manhattan?

The quote “Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.” has always been relevant but there should also be one about paying full price for a shallow action hack and slash..which is why I suppose it’s $50.

At first, the charm of the cel-shaded art style, the colorful banter between characters and how the missions laid out prior to the boss battles seemed very inviting and fun. After several hours of game play up until completion, the repetition grew to a point where it seemed like a forced chore. The 2 button combination to perform the varied combos you earn throughout different levels seemed like one of Platinum Game’s weakest attempts in what was one of their strong points in past games.


The monotony of the level was overwhelming and soon the levels followed similar fashions, roll this bomb or bag of money to this point, disarm x amount of bombs or protect this objective all while defeating waves of enemies in order to progress throughout the level. All while April O’Neil narrated the same similar questions over and over in an attempt to add substance to the gameplay but in the end only results in annoyance.

The Gameplay

Local 4 player co-op was omitted for the pure sake of reaching 60 frames per second, which it fails miserable to say the least. Although several of the skills or special moves are graphically pleasing, it doesn’t fill the void that starts to feel bland after continuous gameplay. You can tell that it held true to the classic TMNT beat-em up games but it lacks that spark of ingenuity and fun that drew us to the classics. With a bland leveling up system, we see many charms or moves that simply make you question its existence at all. While basic attacks grow futile in later battles, your unique ability and skills really shine in combat. although the 2 button combination system could have been a bit more tighter, the ability to swap through turtles mid battle helps continue secessions of attacks or combos. I would complain about the targeting system but to be honest, most of the attacks 13241332_1108064509249854_3492659756494900128_n.jpgtook on waves of enemies save bigger ones or boss battles. Prior to even reaching a boss battle, you have to complete a set amount of mindless objectives to trigger the battle, and most of them blend into the your basic retrieval, defeat x amount of enemies or protect this item while defeating x amount of enemies. Later levels is where this really begins to drag the fun factor you normally see in hack and slash games and deteriorates faster than it can be inspired. For a roughly 5-6 hour-long experience, it is hard for me to even swallow buying it for $50



Being a fan of earlier TMNT games and similar titles I can say it isn’t necessarily the worst game ever. The lack of a couch co-op experience in exchange for achieved frame rates was a mistake, the single play experience just really isn’t worth $50 and it is almost a need to play with someone else. The A.I. isn’t terrible but mixed with how bland the level designs are and the mindless objectives, I was rushing through as fast as I could to reach the boss battles to at least enjoy my time I spent playing. With the fun fighting system and level design established in Transformers Devastation (A similar simple combination action hack and slash released by Platinum Games/Activision ) it makes me question where the ball was slipped with this title?



  • The Cel-shaded art is colorful 13256458_1108064505916521_809404513103245220_n
  • Utilizing each turtles skills in effective manner not only is the most strategic approach, but also the animations are visually pleasing
  • Each boss has a certain something special within its level, also the fight styles are spiced to break up the monotony



  • A lack of a local 4 player co-op is disappointing
  • Very tedious and repetitive in many areas of the game
  • Throwaway enemies and objectives become tiresome after a bit and it almost becomes a challenge to want to even reach the boss
  • Recycled levels and objectives
  • Lack in ingenuity


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