The Revolution is Dead

“Revolution Never Goes Backwards.” – Wendell Phillips


Someone should tell the developer’s, Dambuster Studios, that the game is supposed to be better than the first game. Homefront had some issues, it wasn’t the best game, but it had great potential. I enjoyed the first game, as it was different from any other FPS at the time. It had a deep campaign, that hit close to home (I was in the military at the time), and even though it wasn’t perfect, it was usually fun, and the MP was massive. The ending of the game was a letdown, but overall, I thought a sequel would be great, and it had potential to break the monotony of Call of Duty and Battlefield.


However, I came into this game optimistic, even if it had some drastic changes before the game was released. Homefront: The Revolutions went through development hell at times, and also seemed to be postponed forever, but it was here, and I had high hopes that it could be better than the first game…


Let us discuss the best part of this game, the graphics, first. The game is a good-looking game, and war-torn, revolution torn, Philadelphia looks good.  There are moments in the game that I was blown away by how gorgeous it looked. Having just reviewed Uncharted 4, and thinking that game was gorgeous, this game had scenes that could keep up with Naughty Dog’s brilliant creation. The trees blew with the wind, the grass moved nicely when you did, and the overall presentation, graphically, was gorgeous.


The game should grow, learn from the past, and this game fails, and fails miserably. The controls aren’t horrendous, but other FPS games are much better. The controls feel loose, and unresponsive (even with the sensitivity turned all the way up). However, the controls weren’t the worst part of the game. The first game was as linear as a train. You go from point A to point B, in one line, no other way. This game was selling itself as an open world shooter, which I thought would be awesome; boy how I was wrong. The game is broken up into 8 districts, and you’re taken on a linear path through each district with no want, or need, to continue going back to the other districts once you’ve moved forward.

Besides the distinct monuments that you’ve seen in such movies as Rocky, destroyed to, mostly, rubble, the color pallets are all the same, and boring… The brightest color in the whole damn game is the red of the Korean flags.


The story of the first game was an enjoyment, albeit very short. This game places you in Philadelphia instead of San Francisco, which I’m all for as most movies focus on NYC, SF, LA, or DC. However, having visited Philly several times, I was disappointed with the bland feel of the Philadelphia, and how it didn’t help the story out at all.


The plot is so monotonous and boring, that I had to suffer through it. The plot is just a to b, military games/movie tropes, nothing else. Even during some of the moments that could have been memorable, and bring up the question between terrorist and freedom activist, it’s ruined by the characters, especially our mute protagonist.

You just nod, explode something, and move on, which kills a game like this. A silent protagonist is in no way a bad thing, but in a game like this, with a story that could have been deeper and more meaningful, a voice actor and some emotion would have been enjoyable, and was much needed.

The missions aren’t exactly dull, just repetitive. You see a cutscene, go onto missions, that are mostly forgettable, until you get to the end. Which, just like the first game, just ends. It’s a letdown from opening cutscene to the end.

The Resistance Mode could have been great, but as it’s only 6 missions, it doesn’t take long to get through. It is a fun 4-player co-op mode, but nothing that can save the game. The online mode isn’t bad, but you’re better off playing DOOM, CoD, Battlefront, Battlefield, and Halo if you’re wanting to play multiplayer.


The game had some great potential, and there are some fun moments, but overall, this game was a tough, pain in the ass, and not in the good way, game to get through.

Gamers Pantheon Score – 39%

Pros –

  • Graphics
  • Philadelphia
  • Resistance Mode

Cons –

  • Controls
  • Story is weak
  • Characters are dull


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