Deadrising 4 potentially leaked

2 days ago, gaming site ThisGenGaming reported that Deadrising 4 was in the works at Capcom Vancouver and today they surprisingly had some leaked images. Stating that the game has questionable exclusive (will we finally see Deadrising come back to Sony?) and that we may potentially see Deadrising 4 at this year’s E3. While Deadrising 4  is still not confirmed, the poster for it is just too good not to want to believe in!  Even what appears to be a beta image from the game itself is trying to convince of the possibility .




Riding the success of Deadrising 3, the Xboxone exclusive released in 2013 as well as the launch of the first waves of Xboxone system, Capcom Vancouver talked about Deadrising 4 shortly after seeing the success of the title. Also noted is the partnership with Epic Games which possibly but more than likely will see an Unreal Engine 4 engine being used in leu of the engine they themselves built.



As with any leaks, the potential for it to be false is possible but with previous talks about it and these images that popped up today it’s hard not to question the possibility. I guess the anxious wait for E3 begins.

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