Finally Final Fantasy XII Remaster Announced

final-fantasy-xii-zodiac-age-trailerWe heard the rumors, we heard the whispers. “Final Fantasy XII is getting an HD Remake, much like FFX.” However, we kept hearing it, but never seeing it. Now, we have, and it’s coming in 2017.

Final Fantasy XII is the game people seem to begin getting torn towards if it were great or not. However, as a gamer who didn’t enjoy XII the first playthrough, I am actually excited to get the chance to play the game, and see if I just wasn’t mature enough to understand it as much when I played 12 years ago.


The title is Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. The game looks gorgeous, and we can’t wait to delve back into Ivalice.


One thought on “Finally Final Fantasy XII Remaster Announced

  1. im happy i passed the N/A version then i was like hmm there has to be something better then this 2007 there version was called the final fantasy 12 international zodiac job system sweet i passed that one to it came with dual audio and subs while the N/A was 2006 cheese out version

    the down fall u had to own a pal ps2 witch was an issue to get there were other method


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