Horizon Zero Dawn intended release date delayed




Guerrilla Games took 2015’s E3 by storm when they revealed Horizon Zero Dawn, an action rpg set in a post-apocalyptic land infested with robotic dinosaurs. An exhilarating game that is marking new ingenuity with game play for the first time in 10 years (taking a break from their work with the Killzone franchise) Horizon Zero Dawn was given a delayed release date of February 28, 2017.

Hermen Hulst, Games managing director for Guerrilla Games explained that in an effort to make sure the visuals and game play met the expectations of all the players world-wide waiting for this Sony exclusive as well as their own goals and ambitions with this highly anticipated title.



Civilization waited over a 1,000 years to take back what we abandoned, our race being dominated without question by these robotic creatures…i’m sure we can wait a bit longer for a title that is promising to deliver an experience we have yet to see. Until then, here is a new trailer!


Horizon Zero Dawn will be available on the PS4 February 28, 2017





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