Battlefield 1 EA Let’s Play Gameplay


Christmas has come early for gamers this year, in the form of E3. EA Play took the first spot today, and revealed plenty of games, including Battlefield 1, with a 64-man multiplayer match taking place.

The match was played by various big-time Battlefield YouTubers, such as Neebs Gaming and StoneMountain64 (the team captains), as well as many celebrities such as Terry Crews, Snoop Dogg and Zac Efron. But we were also shown a new trailer to the game.

So far the game looks amazingly gorgeous, but we’ll have to wait till release to see if it lives up to what they’ve shown.

The old school feel of the airplanes, and the WWI look is something we have missed.

No battle will ever be the same. The gameplay looks to be fluid, and very battlefieldesque.

The multiplayer, meanwhile, looks absolutely beautiful. Spectator Mode returns from BF4, with freecam available. We’re shown our first vehicle, the tank, which just ploughs through a wall with ease. What’s new is that you can now target specific parts of the tank; if you want to take out the tracks, you can. Alongside this, you can self-repair your tank, but you can’t move, or shoot, so it’s a large trade-off.

StoneMountain64 runs across a field with a bolt-action rifle, which looks absolutely beautiful with the new engine. The camera then cuts to a spectator shot, as we’re shown the scope of the battle, as a group of players rush around.

Then a dogfight appears, ending in catastrophe as one plummets to the ground, followed by a tank arriving at the church. The church is in ruins, showing us the complete destruction that they’re offering with the next game.

The game also offers a new spawn system, with players able to see a real-time view of the map for spawning.

We’re then shown the airship, and it casts a huge shadow over the map. But while it’s a massive target, it’s meant to be a “Make or break”, which can win the match for the team. But if it comes down, it has no scripted crash-site, and will remain there for the entire match.


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