Bethesda (#BE3) coverage: Elder Scrolls Online Updates and News

As the resident ESO player amongst the writing crew, I was excited to hear ESO announced their much-anticipated Dark Brotherhood expansion. They showed a dark figure reciting the Black Sacrament flanked by two skeletons, likely meaning they will add a Skeleton familiar as a Spell as apart of the Dark Brotherhood skill branch? They also displayed a player-character in Dark Brotherhood armor creeping and doing various stealth assassinations. Was that showcasing more skills? Time will tell. Aside from that, no details otherwise. They claimed the story would be atypical Dark Brotherhood.


They also announced a “One Tamriel” program, now that, they lost me on. What was said was that they “would allow you to do missions any and everywhere after the tutorial” and that if you did a mission above your level you would be “automatically” adjusted to that level unlike how they just adjust your stats evenly to how it would be currently. That was when my discontent took over because as a gamer who has struggled to finish their massive world and super long arching story, I felt as if they would hand me a Vet rank simply for owning DLC ala World of Warcraft’s expansions. Bluntly said, can people just “git gud” and not be handed out noob welfare please. If Zenimax can do that, that’d be great.

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