EA and Star Wars: E3


So EA have given us a peek into the new Star Wars games they’re working on, from DICE and Motive, Visceral, Respawn and Bioware. The excitement is real folks.

DICE and Motive are giving us the next installment in EA’s Star Wars Battlefront, with Battlefront 2 next year. They’ve said they’re listening to the fans and getting feedback, so perhaps this means we will be getting a new singleplayer mode or space battles this time? Only time will tell.

Visceral, on the other hand, are bringing us a new Star Wars RPG, and we’re shown a clip of two men in motion capture suits swinging sticks at each other, which suggests fluent feeling combat in the game. Could this be the cancelled 1313? Or perhaps something to rival the amazing KOTOR?

The others haven’t shown or told us much on Respawn’s game, while Bioware’s was a shot from their latest expansion in The Old Republic.

EA seem to have a lot of plans for Star Wars in the coming months, but only time will tell if they can deliver. Watch below:

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