Mass Effect: Andromeda EA Let’s Play


Bioware have given us some more information on the next installment in Mass Effect: Andromeda, though still no substantial gameplay.

The show opens with Aaron Flynn, telling us about the idea behind it; this time around, we’re the aliens in the galaxy, the ones looking for a home.

He then goes on to tell us that the game will be done in the Frostbite engine, and then the footage from the game began. And damn, it looks beautiful.

We see stunning vistas of the game’s environments, new aliens, and what can only be assumed to be the default female protagonist for the next game, which ends the footage with the line “we made it”.

We also see a shot of the new ship, called the Tempest (whether it’ll hold up to the Normandy or not, we’ll see), and a shot of a new Mako, which excites me certainly, though some fans may not be as pleased.

So still not a lot to go on so far, but we do know that the game will be absolutely beautiful in the new engine. Let’s hope that Bioware show us some gameplay before next year. Watch it below:

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