Bethesda at E3: Quick Recap


Happy E3 2016 everyone! It’s that time of year, where developers gather in Los Angeles to show off their newest properties and to wow both gamers and shareholders. Before the big dogs take the stage, this Sunday night Bethesda delivered a presentation to us. So here is a quick recap for everyone along with fresh tidbits of my snark along the way.

  • The hosts for the evening were Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb, and since this is E3 it made me miss G4 even more (cue the Sarah McLachlan music.) Though I have to say, there seemed to be a real lack of energy in both them and the crowd at the start of all this. Maybe it’s because everyone still had jet lag, or it was Sunday, or maybe every has gone full Internet and is just automatically pessimistic about literally everything before it begins. Whatever the case, it honestly didn’t help when Adam and Morgan did a forced plug for Elder Scrolls Online. Not really their fault, that’s just something that comes with the job so it’s just a minor gripe. On a neat note, they did announce that Bethesda took over the Sydney Opera House for all of the fans down in Australia.


  • We were treated to a quick re-showing of the trailer for Dishonored 2. This game would end up being kind of the central focus for the evening, but more on that later.
  • The first new game announcement came in the form of Quake Champions. Not much detail was given about the actual game itself. They said more would be show at QuakeCon in Dallas. So they also got a quick plug for that event. I have never played Quake personally, however I am very well aware of the impact that series has in both the FPS genre and in competitive gaming. In fact, they said they planned to use this title to expand upon current eSport tournaments, which is pretty cool


  • Pete Hines came out and offered a quick retrospective on everything Bethesda has done in the past year and how well these titles have performed. They definitely have a right to brag, just from how Fallout 4 alone. I kind of wish I had downloaded Fallout Shelter, though it seems that it is not too late to do that….back in a minute…..(flashes Batman 66 scene change swirly thing).
  • Pete went on to talk about The Elder Scrolls Legends. This is a strategy card game that will be available on mobile platforms. It seems like a neat game, though it looked an awful lot like Magic The Gathering, which I sucked at. I’m more of Yu-Gi-Oh man myself.


  • Next we got information on the next 3 DLC packs for Fallout 4. The first is called Contraptions and it allows to basically build a lot of gizmos, conveyor belts, and Rube Goldberg machines. That will be available next week. Next comes Vault-Tec, which will allow you to build your own Vault and will be available in July. The final DLC is coming in August and did not have any official title. It is hinted that you will be going to a Disney World type place called “Nuka-World”. The first two will probably be great for the people who are interested in that level of customization, but me personally I can’t wait for the last one. I’m not sure what will happen, but I hope that it involves a Griswald-esque road-trip.


  • The worst kept secret of the whole presentation is shown as Skyrim Special Edition is announced and will be available on 10-28-16. You know, I adored Skyrim and it is absolutely one of my favorite games of all time, but I honestly don’t think this was necessary. I’m sure it will look absolutely gorgeous,run great, console mods are a neat addition, and will hopefully have a lot of bugs worked out. However, free mods have made this game hold up very well, so it feels like this just wasn’t super necessary, simply because this game has held up fairly well. Now had they announced a Morrowind Remake with the Skyrim engine, I would have been all about that.


  • Developer Arcane comes out and announces a new I.P. called Prey. It’s an FPS that takes place in the future. It very faintly reminds of both Alien and Dead Space, both of which are good things. Tentative release date is 2017.


  • Doom was brought up at this point with the primary focus being on the multiplayer, more specifically the SnapMap feature. They also mentioned that the first DLC map pack will be available very soon. And as an added bonus, Bethesda is letting everyone play the first level of Doom for free this week, which is essentially the video game equivalent of being a drug dealer.


  • Elder Scrolls Online gets its moment in the sun. In spite of some of the gripes I have heard about this game, it seems to still be doing and has a good bit of life left in it. It will be getting a Dark Brotherhood DLC very soon which was met with some big excitement. Though most interestingly, the announcement of One Tamriel seemed to get the biggest pop of this part of the show. The idea behind this is that players are no longer blocked from any areas due to being too low of a level. Instead, the areas leveled based on both your character and the party you are with. I’m not an MMO person, but this seems like a really good idea and it makes me wonder why they are the first MMO to implement something like this. Or so they claim anyway. Also, the game will launch in Japan soon.


  • It was mentioned that the entertainment for the people in the audience that evening would be provided by Blink 182. Not super important to the show, it was just an odd thing I heard. Oh well, new album comes out in a couple of weeks, hope it doesn’t suck!
  • Bethesda next introduced “Bethesda VR”. This will be available in 2017 and the first two areas they mentioned were “Doom’s Hell” and the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. VR has become the latest flavor of the month in new technology. I’m hoping it won’t be as bad or gimmicky as early 3-D gaming or Motion Controls, but time will tell.


  • The final portion of the evening was dedicated to showing off a large amount of Gameplay for Dishonored 2. Taking place 15 years after the first one and in a new location, you can now play as two different characters. Both characters have varying play styles and the game looks gorgeous. Personally, I never could get into the first Dishonored for one good reason. It played great and the world I was in was well designed, but the problem is that it seemed that your only options were to either only sneak around or kill everybody. Option A gets you “Good” reactions and option B is the “Bad” reactions to the world. This sucked for me because I am god awful at sneaking around. That being said, Dishonored 2 looks like fun and if I can get over the sneaking hump, perhaps I will give it another try.  In the meantime, everybody else who loved the first game seems to be looking very forward to this sequel.  As a bonus, this title will be getting a Collector’s edition that will have a very limited supply and comes with a replica mask, which is neat.  Dishonored 2 will be available on 11/11/2016.


And that was the show everybody.  What did you think of Bethesda’s presentation? Personally, I think it went smoothly, though nothing truly earth shattering was really shown.  Part of the reason for that is the internet constantly leaking out things like the Skyrim Remaster.  Let us know what you thought about this show and what else you are looking forward to seeing this week. Have a great E3 everybody!


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