Microsoft Recap: E3 2016


So, Microsoft’s conference has come to a close, and there is a lot of content coming our way in the upcoming year. So let’s take a quick recap on what they showed us:

From the developers of Limbo, ID are bringing us a new IP, and from what we’ve seen, you appear to be some kind of test subject, as you sit in a large room with fellow, what we’re assuming to be inmates, with shady characters watching you from a window above. Inside is set to release June 29th.

We Happy Few
We Happy Few, currently available on PC, is making its way to Xbox, and we’re shown some gameplay footage. What we see looks like the beginning of the game, as your character stops taking his “joy” medication, which is required by law in this dystopian world.

Xbox Design Lab
Essentially, Design Lab will allow players to design their own custom controllers, which MS will build for them. While it prevents the likelihood of scams from 3rd party sites, it does mean that less of these legitimate ones will have less customers from now.

Play Anywhere
We’re presented with a short clip of various games that are coming to Xbox in the coming year from PC, such as Everspace, The Culling, and ARK: Survival Evolved. These will be part of MS’ Play Anywhere feature, which allows players to buy their game just once, and then play it on Xbox and PC forever.

Gears of War 4
Gears 4 gave us a new campaign mission, showing off the story of how the main characters hunt for Kait’s missing mother. At the end of the mission gameplay, we’re shown a quick glimpse of the familiar face of Marcus Fenix, suggesting he’ll have a big part to play.

Witcher 3 Gwent Card Game
The rumours surrounding this are confirmed, as CD Projekt Red announce they’ll be giving Xbox and PC players an official card game, based on the Witcher 3 in-game Gwent card game.

Minecraft Realms
Mojang came onstage to announce that they’ll be adding in a new feature called Realms, which allows players on PC, Xbox, and tablet to play the same world together. They also announced that they’ll be adding in new add-ons, such as the alien one they showed us.

Forza Horizon 3
Forza Horizon 3 gameplay was shown in more detail today, with the creators Playground Games telling us it’ll be the “most sociable Forza yet”, allowing players to seamlessly join their friends’ games with a button press. It also showed us various types of races, from showcase races to Top Gear-style ones.

Killer Instinct
Not much was shown for this, except that General Raam from Gears of War 1 will be a playable character upon release.

Tekken 7
Xbox will be receiving Tekken 7 this time around, showing us gameplay from the campaign mode; a fight between Akuma and Heihachi. This will be released early 2017. Alongside this, Xbox Live players will be able to download Tekken Tag Tournament 2 FOR FREE THIS WEEK ONLY.

Dead Rising 4
The next installment in the Dead Rising series brings back Frank West, with gameplay footage being shown to us. The trailer had a Christmassy feel to it, with the release date being announced for Holiday 2016.

Dead Rising 4 Trailer

Scalebound co-op gameplay was given to us today, and it certainly wowed us. Four players battled against a massive scorpion boss, with swords, bows and their pet dragons. Scalebound will be released in 2017.

Sea of Thieves
Ahh, the game I’m jealous of Xbox for owning. We were shown some gameplay of the pirate MMO game, but rather than developer gameplay, they showed us 3 teams of community members playing, with no tutorials whatsoever. The game certainly looks amazing so far.

Sea of Thieves Gameplay Footage

State of Decay 2
State of Decay 2 was announced today, via a teaser trailer of zombie beatdowns.

Halo Wars 2
Another rumoured game confirmed today, we’re shown quite a lot on this game. We’re shown an announcement trailer to begin with, followed by the beta being announced THIS WEEK FROM JUNE 13TH TO JUNE 20TH, with a gameplay trailer shortly after. Halo Wars 2 will be released next year.

Halo Wars 2 Reveal Trailer

Halo Wars 2 Beta Gameplay Trailer

Xbox Scorpio
Wrapping up the conference was the announcement of the recently leaked (recently as in yesterday) console, now named as Xbox Scorpio. MS have said that it’ll have “6 teraflops”, and will be the “most powerful console ever built”, bringing the gaming world into 4K. Plans are in place for a strong focus on VR gaming, with games such as Fallout 4 already in the works. It’ll be released 2017.

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