New trailers released for For Honor

After months of teasers we finally saw a cinematic story trailer for For Honor during Ubisoft’s 2016 E3 Conference on 6/13.

A village laid to ruins without warning after a cataclysmic event, with a13444180_1119422084780763_106590413_n few desperate stragglers left to survive revealing to us 3 classes: Viking, Samurai and a Knight.

Showing us a time progression from total destruction to regrowth we learn that a war has raged between the 3 classes for over a 1,000 years and of a female antagonist named Apollyon. Here is the trailer for the official cinematic story!



Luckily on top of the trailer for the cinematic story we also were able to get an inside look at the Viking campaign mission, roughly about halfway through the game. showcasing a beautiful combat system and different personalities with each class and the “Art of Battle” 13444580_1119417761447862_123481259_nwhich lets you experience the combat as if you had a weapon in your hand.

A unique button sequence that counter attacks the opponents stance with the use of the right analog stick and combined with the fluid combat, For Honor provides a sense of ingenuity that is refreshing among new releases. Along with different progressions throughout the level and a boss battle, the following trailer really allows For Honor to shine in all of its glory.


Perhaps we had a chance for peace, but desperation and trust are seldom allies.


For Honor will be available for PC, Xboxone and Playstation 4 February 14, 2017

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