Street Fighter V:  September Patch Review 

Sometimes when a hyped up game is released in what some would call an “unfinished” manner, it’s very difficult for said game to rebound. Such was the case with Street Fighter V. Released early to accommodate the Capcom Pro Tour, many single player modes were missing, the store was bare, the roster was small and a hefty amount of would-be sales were lost. While many have written off Capcom’s flagship fighter, others (both pro and casual) have been singing its praises as of late. Seven months later, with the September patch, Street Fighter V now has 22 characters, a full cinematic story, daily missions and improved rage-quit defenses. Depending on who you ask, this version is complete enough to be considered a full product.

The biggest addition to Street Fighter in the September patch is the character Urien: Vice President of the Illuminati. He hits hard, has appreciable life and is quite possibly one of the most versatile characters on the roster. Now that he’s been out for a little over a week, you can find a ton of combo guides and fights on YouTube and Twitter. Pros and “lab rats” have been having a blast showing off their Urien combos and loops, thanks in no small part to the infamous Aegis Reflector – a small wall of electricity that opponents and projectiles can bounce off of. Many crush counter combos involve several reflectors, head butts, spheres and chariot tackles coming off of his launcher. Some of the juggles you can find online are very impressive. While it took a DLC character several months to win a tournament (ImStillDaDaddy with Guile), I have a feeling someone will win much sooner than that with Urien…he’s a monster. urien-ss-8

Another thing some people have been vocal about since launch is bland stages. Well, we finally have some awesome stage transitions and other goodies here in September. I think the India transitions are my favorites – if you get knocked out on the right side of the screen, the elephants toss you around, and on the left, you slam up against the wall in a yoga pose next to a levitating yogi. The Kanzuki transition is pretty good as well – if you get knocked out on the left side, you hit a wall a samurai helmet falls on your head…and you start the next match wearing it. You can find all stage transitions on YouTube, if you’re interested.

Now that Season 1 DLC is officially over, everyone is speculating on what characters will come in Season 2. Sagat (bleh) has a roaring crowd crying out his name across social media, as does Makoto. I’d anticipate that at least one of them comes out next season, but personally, I’m hoping we see a new character or two as well. I’m also crossing my fingers for more costumes for the male fighters…all this love for the ladies is great, but the dudes are in dire need of more vanity costumes. Luckily, Capcom has teased us with some Halloween outfits coming out next month, so we’ll see if the wardrobes expand for everyone in the near future. Until next time, fighters! May that fight money flow! Now, here’s me being bad against a Urien just for fun.

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