Capcom Pro Tour 2016, October Week 1 Update

We’re approaching that time of the year, folks. The holiday season isn’t just for pumpkins, turkeys and mass consumerism anymore. If you’re a fan of competitive gaming, chances are there’s tsunami of tournaments you’ve been following. From Rainbow Six to League of Legends and everything in between, someone out there is fighting for bragging rights and probably a cash prize. Included in the mix was Street Fighter V, as there were three very important Capcom Pro Tour tournaments held this last weekend (October 7-9). On our home turf here in the States, we had The Fall Classic held in Raleigh, North Carolina; in Singapore, we had the Southeast Asia Majors (SEAM) held at GameStart 2016; and in Dubai, we had Geek Weekend.

The Fall Classic 2016 was an interesting little event, surrounded by a lot of drama and an unlikely champion. For starters, there was hurricane Matthew beating down on the American Southeast. This made the event logistically difficult for several people who had planned on attending.  Then there was the passing of Flipsid3 Tactics’ fighting game division manager, which you can read about here. Lastly, the streams were extremely confusing to follow. They seemed to start and stop arbitrarily, requiring the viewers to jump back and forth between two different channels because there were several different games being played at the same time as Street Fighter V (I left at one point because they were about to stream DoA and the chat got just a little too ridiculous for my liking). In spite of all this, the event was a success, and the commentators were entertaining.

Kbrad and Action Gordon commentate at The Fall Classic

In the grand finals, Team Liquid’s NuckleDu took on XsK_Samurai, playing Guile and Ryu respectively. The first match was a bracket reset as usual, with NuckleDu winning a decisive series to push the fight into a final best-of-five. Going into the last match, it seemed as though XsK_Samurai was having some issues with the Guile matchup. NuckleDu set the pace of the match with excellent poking and Sonic Boom control, more or less keeping XsK_Samurai where he wanted him the entire time. While XsK_Samurai did have a couple of good rounds, it wasn’t enough to prevent the three game sweep as NuckleDu closed out the final round of the tournament in style with a Sonic Hurricane CA (#TeamGuile represent!). Other notable performances in the tournament were from team Evil Geniuses, with PR_Balrog, Ricki Ortiz and K-Brad placing 5th through 7th, and F3’s Alucard placing a respectable 9th.

One of the biggest events abroad, the Southeast Asia Majors (SEAM) didn’t disappoint. A ton of excellent talent filled the brackets, with everything coming down to a non-qualifying showdown (both players are already good for the Capcom Cup) between perhaps the best Ryu player in the world, Tokido, and one of the most precise Ken players out there, Momochi. Alas, Momochi was unable to redeem himself from his loss at ESL, losing to Tokido in a match that came down to the very last game. What makes it a more difficult pill to swallow for Momochi is the fact that he spent hours training online, going on a rampage on the ladder right before the event, becoming the first Master ranked player in the world. Local legend Xian played well, placing 7th overall. Coming off his most recent victory at ESL, Xiao Hai finished 13th at SEAM.  In the Amateur Tournament Qualifier, the USA was well represented by Gllty, who took first place with her aggressive Dhalsim play.

Gllty, USA (Left)
Gootecks and Mike Ross commentate at SEAM

Admittedly, I wasn’t very familiar with many of the fighters at Geek Weekend apart from Japan’s MOV, who, coincidentally, won the tournament, and Dark Jiewa who placed 3rd.

Stay tuned for more Street Fighter updates coming soon, as fighters from around the world scramble for every CPT point they can get in hopes of landing a spot at Capcom Cup this December in Anaheim, California. Until then, check out the grand finals from SEAM and TFC 2016 below (at the time of this posting, there was no official footage of the Geek Weekend Grand Finals).


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