Nintendo NX is now Nintendo Switch


Nintendo finally pulled back the curtain on its long-awaited…console? Handheld? Anyway, today the Nintendo NX, after a long period of total silence, was revealed today as the Nintendo Switch. Here’s what we’ve learned about the hybrid so far, along with some of my opinions on the subject:


It’s a console. It’s a handheld. It’s…a portable console? The Switch is a tablet that can dock and play games on the TV with what resembles the Wii U Pro Controller. It can also detach and, with controller attachments, can become a handheld. Those attachments can also be used while detached as smaller controllers, while the screen itself can be set up on a kickstand. This allows for multiplayer gaming on the go.


Speaking of which, it looks as if the console can connect with other Switches on the go for even more multiplayer action. How’s that battery life going to hold up, I wonder?

Multiple Wii U games were shown playing on the Switch. Backwards compatibility? Or are these ports? And of course we were shown a new Mario game.

Speaking of games, an NBA game was shown along with Skyrim. Could this be Nintendo finally injecting the third-party support they so desperately need?

The games are on cartridges. Now, I’ve seen both the 3DS and Vita do some amazing things with carts, but I wonder about this move. This is another thing that has me curious. I want to see what they can do with this. I’m not a fan of disc media at all, so if they can pull this off, I’ll be a fan.


What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch? Are you excited? Disappointed? Nervous? I myself am cautiously optimistic. I want Nintendo to come back with a bang. Let’s hope the Switch does just that. We’ll find out more about the console in coming months (including that all-important price point) leading up to the release of the Switch in March of 2017.

2 thoughts on “Nintendo NX is now Nintendo Switch

  1. I’m excited for the Nintendo Switch, for a good number of reasons, including the Joy-Con controllers, the possible new 3D Mario, and what looks like extensive third-party support from the get-go. I hope everything works out for the Switch. I’d love to play a bunch of different games on-the-go, so hopefully Nintendo maintains its support. There are things I’d like to know like cost and battery life, but I’m otherwise planning on picking up the Switch when it comes out!


    1. I used the word “intrigued” to explain my feelings. I’m cautiously optimistic, and excited. I’m not a on the go type of gamer, but this could change that. It is still going to take a lot to get me away from playing third party on the PS4, but I am definitely excited that they are, hopefully, getting third party support. Hopefully they don’t have what happened to the WiiU happen to the Switch.

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