Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Revealed! 

reddead2The trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally dropped after teasing it the other day, and if anything is clear from it, it’s that Rockstar Games love teasing its fans.

The trailer opens with panoramic views of various areas of the West, many of which resemble places such as West Elizabeth, New Austin, and Mexico. Wildlife seems to be very realistic this time; we see animals hunt other animals and viciously kill them, deer wandering in open plains, and birds flying high in the sky. We see a beautiful shot of a campfire under the starlit sky, followed by a man with his horse and a kayak (possible boat travel for the next installment?). If Rockstar were trying to tell us something with this trailer, it’s that the graphics will be absolutely beautiful.


Trains return, as we see one slowly shunting along with buffalo running away from the steel giant. We also get shown a carriage ride past a “Worth’s General Store”, suggesting that both of these are returning (hopefully it’ll be a little easier to control the carriages this time around). A cattle farmer mounts his horse as a huge herd of cattle run past him, followed by a shot of a dog barking at a few vultures that tear apart what appears to be an animal (possibly a dog but it’s hard to tell), as an armed man watches on.


We hear a voice say “Listen to me. When the time comes, you better run and don’t look back. This is over.”, as a man with a gun in his hand watches a farm burn to the ground. The shot suddenly changes to seven men riding off into the distance of what looks like Mexico, and it can only be assumed that these are the seven characters from the teased artwork. The screen fades to black and the title Red Dead Redemption 2 appears on the screen, leaving us confused and desperate to see more.

Rockstar seem to be taunting its fans with tiny snippets of footage, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s definitely got me excited to see more, as it has with many other fans. Here’s looking forward to seeing more information and footage closer to the date.

You can also pre-order the game now.

Watch the trailer below:

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