OGN Overwatch APEX 10/21/16 Update

With the Overwatch World Cup coming up at Blizzcon ’16, several teams and players were looking for a strong outing at APEX last week, and, to no one’s surprise, Rogue and Lunatic-Hai did just that (click the links for highlights and interviews). Still showing no signs of slowing down, European team Rogue steamrolled RG Titan in a 3-0 sweep, upholding their perfect overall match W/L at 6-0.  Korea’s Lunatic-Hai got the best of EnVyUs in their first match of the season, bringing them to 1-0 with a 3-1 W/L in the maps from today. EnVyUs is now 2-1, with a 7-4 W/L overall. capture_2016-10-21-08-47-13

It may still be too early to say anything definitive, but I’m not expecting too many surprises when the final brackets are set. Rogue is still on a rampage, and EnVyUs, while having lost 4 maps, is still leading group C with none other than Lunatic-Hai threatening in second. BK Stars is also having a dominating performance thus far with a 6-2 W/L overall in Group B. Also in Group B is NRG eSports who look to place higher than 4th this time around, but they have their work cut out for them.

Check back for more APEX updates after Blizzcon.



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