Paris Saint-Germain and E-Sports

Paris Saint-Germain, the French professional soccer (football) club has reportedly invested $21 million into ESports.

Since Entering the ESports scene they have acquired ‘Yellowstar’ as their Esports manager, while aslo signing two time FIFA World Champion, August “Agge” Rosenmeier and the self proclaimed “Future of FIFA” Lucas “Daxe” Cullerier.

As well as the signings, they are expected to announce a League of Legends team, and they have allegedly bought team Numa’s EU LCS Challenger spot for €70,000 with their current goal set to qualify for the EU LCS Pro Division.

This comes after the Philadelphia 76ers acquired Dignitas and Apex, and Aoki’s investment with Rogue.

This just goes to prove, ESports are growing, and that they’re becoming a bigger, more mainstream thing. As they continue to grow, and ESPN continues to make money, and have huge amounts of people watching, we will continue to see it grow.


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