I told you I was going to get this one out quickly, didn’t I? That’s right, the decision machine is in full gear, and it is still giving me anxiety in the latest episode of Batman TTS. In episode 3 we have to deal with the ramifications of previous decisions the Batman/Bruce Wayne has made. So what were these consequences and were there any new developments? Was Oswald Cobblepot revealed to be the leader of the NWO and trying to take over WCW?!? Does that make Batman Goldberg or Sting? Every action has a consequence my friends, so let’s face them head on. (Side note: The title of this episode makes me wish I had photo shop skills so I could put Penguin’s head on top of Hulk Hogan wearing an NWO shirt…oh 1998 wrestling, I miss you).





So what happened last time? Oh right, Falcone died, dark secrets about the Wayne family were shown to all of Gotham, and oh yea Harvey Dent got half of his face melted off. Oh everything is getting real from this point on. Especially since Harvey is now officially the Mayor of Gotham. Yea, unfortunately I forgot to mention during my review of Episode 2 that the now former Mayor Hill was actually killed during Penguin’s takeover of the debate…whoops. Oh well, couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.  The point is, since he had no opponent, Harvey essentially won the Mayoral election by default, which is kind of feels like a political participation trophy I guess. And what has our esteemed Mayor Dent been doing since having been sworn in? Why sitting in his hospital bed continuously watching footage of Penguin burning his face off on the news of course!!….Great!….


Actually this triggered a subtle but very important chain of events in this episode. This episode starts with Bruce going to visit Harvey in the hospital, and seeing all of the extremely justifiable anger he is having with his current situation. It’s very obvious he is on the brink and he needs a friend. If you’ll remember in my review of the last episode, I chose to let Harvey get attacked by the Penguin i.e. let his face get melted off by a hot lamp and not by a sweet guitar solo. So suffice to say that not only is Bruce feeling guilt over this, but it’s very possible the player is too. And that’s when it hit me. In spite of my choice for harm, maybe there was still a chance to stop Harvey from becoming his ultimate destiny and not take up the criminal mantle of Two-Face. There have already been subtle but strong changes to the traditional Batman lore with this series already, so why not this one? And since this series is designed to give Bruce Wayne focus, he would definitely want to save his friend. This became my goal throughout the episode, save Harvey Dent and it will come into a bigger light towards the end.


Aside from the personal relationships and PR disasters in Bruce’s life, there is still Batman-ing to do (totally a word). I had been hoping that the action would intensify, and it sort of did. At one point you have to fight off a whole gang along with a villain who seems to have a literal Sonic Boom stick and while the fight against the gang boss i.e. Leader of the Children of Arkham is pretty solid and fun, the actual fight against the nameless grunts felt kind of stagnant. Maybe it’s the transitions between the QTE’s but it just didn’t feel like it flowed naturally. Definitely not what I was hoping for.


Oh well, at least all of the fighting and commotion lead to one thing: CAT BOOTY!!!…..that sounds way creepier when typed out….Any who, that’s right, you have the glorious option to put the Man in Batman and hook up with Catwoman. Why am acting like a 13-year-old kid who figured out how to remove the parental block on his internet about this? Because if there is one person I always wanted to be with Bruce Wayne, it is Selina Kyle. “But Ben, what about Talia Al Ghul?” She gave us the demon child that is known as Damien Wayne, she’s out. Selina has always felt like the missing piece in Bruce’s life. Don’t believe me? Go back and read the Hush storyline that was written by the amazing Paul Dini and you will see what I mean. And hey, according to the popular decision meter at the end, like 90% of the other people playing this game did the same thing so I must be on to something.


Of course I simply cannot review a game in this series without talking about the constant thorn in my side, Technical. Glitches. Thankfully they were far less severe this time around, but still mildly annoying. It is however, yet again a glitch I have seen in other Telltale Series. I am talking about Lip Sync/Audio issues. It drives my gaming OCD through a wall like a Mack truck when I see this happen. And it only seems to happen to characters whose dialogue I have to choose. My guess is that the game visuals cannot keep up with the speed of decision inputs, which just seems silly since these types of games should be able to be done in their sleep by now, at least from a technical stand point. Sigh, I digress. It’s just annoying is all.


If there is one term I could use to sum up this entire episode it would be “Aftermath”. Almost everything that occurs in this episode is a direct consequence of everything that has previously happened thus far. From Harvey barely keeping his sanity after the attack, the Children of Arkham raising hell, and even to Bruce Wayne being forced to step down as CEO of Wayne Enterprises due information about his family being revealed. This entire episode is almost the epitome of a domino effect, and as a result not that much new happens….until the end.

SPOILERS: After getting busted by Harvey making Bat-Cat whoopee with Selina and having to calm him down so that he doesn’t fully turn into Two Face, I thought that I was at the end of the Episode. I just had to go do the press conference, be a champion at it and drop truth bombs on Gotham City, and then be done. I was almost correct. You see, something happens, something that made actually made me “Oh Sh**”. Something that I am actually not going to spoil…until I review the next episode that is :).


This was still a solid entry in the series, and I am still very intrigued about the game and can’t wait until the next episode. I loved the subtle showing and ability to try and save Harvey from himself, and the twist got me very excited. The technical issues are very annoying, but again I have yet to encounter anything truly game breaking. I still want the action sequences to be a little more intense but that is probably a bit too nitpicky. Overall, this is a good entry in an overall solid series. I give it an overall score of:




  1. The big spoiler reveal was something else. I liked it though. What I don’t like is that I actually saved Harvey, so (spoiler alert) he doesn’t look like what he canonically becomes. He’s still acting weird, and I fear that despite my decision, I won’t be able to save him. That’s unfortunate, because like you, I want more strong changes to the lore, especially since I have more “control” over certain situations.


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