Hello Games Says Goodbye?

Ahhh, No Man’s Sky. The game that’s managed to split the gaming community in half. Unless you’ve been hiding from the arguments, under a rock, you’ll know that the past few months since its release have been…eventful, to say the least. And now, things seem to have reached a shocking conclusion, with the Hello Games twitter releasing a fairly ominous tweet:

Hello Games and Sean Murray have been under scrutiny from the public since release of No Man’s Sky. Many felt that what they told us and what they gave us were not the same thing, and understandably, many fans were more than displeased. Not just with the game, but with how Hello Games dealt with it. In contradiction with their tweet of “working around the clock to support the game”, the twitter pages of both Hello Games and Sean Murray had been radio silent, as if they’d locked themselves away to hide. Updates for the game were scarce, and the dev team weren’t keeping their fans in the know on what was happening; something which should have been done from the beginning. One update did pop up around September time, but the silence continued.

Then, finally after months of silence, Hello Games tweet “No Man’s Sky was a mistake”, then privatised the twitter page. Many believed it to have been hacked, but after getting in touch with the team, Forbes reported that it was actually the work of a “disgruntled employee”, and that they were working to resolve the issue. But wait, it goes deeper than that. Allegedly, Sean Murray himself was the one to claim responsibility for the tweet, which was still on their LinkedIn account;

So with Hello Games privatising their twitter and Sean Murray allegedly claiming his own game to be a mistake, could it be that we’re witnessing the end of the dev team and No Man’s Sky? With the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) investigating them for false advertising, it definitely a story to follow.

Edit* Sean Murray has said the biggest mistake was using LinkedIn, and that his email was hacked.

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