Things you need to know about Infinite Warfare.

With Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare coming out tomorrow, we take a look at what to expect.


A big upgrade coming to the CoD franchise is the addition of side missions to get upgrades to your suit and fighter jet. Now, while these are optional, they will be bringing you major upgrades, such as, faster health regen, stronger armor for your jet, and even an Electro Knife to boost your melee attacks. Also added to the campaign missions are weapon and equipment armories with some very interesting weapons, one such weapon that was outlined by Activision is the “Eraser”, effectively an anti-matter ray. These armories also have Equipment Upgrade Consoles that allow you to upgrade your lethal and tactical gear.

But wait, there’s more! They are adding new modes for the campaign for after you beat the crap out of it! Specialist and YOLO modes, Specialist is available for play after you beat the story on any difficulty, and it adds some realism to this arcade shooter. YOLO mode, as you may have guessed, only allows one death. What is the punishment for dying you ask? You start completely over, that’s what. I, am personally excited for this YOLO mode as it is a throwback to classic games, where if you died, you started over.


These additions to the campaign aren’t the only things that we are being told about this new game. They have highlighted that there are “prototype” weapons to get in the multiplayer. Also, they mention Mission Teams as a way to get exclusive prototype weapons.

Now, onto the Zombies. A lot of people are excited for a brand new Zombies campaign, and it seems for good reason. Being that this Zombies experience takes place in a theme park, you can complete challenges to get tickets that you can spend at Concession Stands. They also allow you to buy candy for up to five extra perks. Something that surprised me is that they have added Killstreaks to this new Zombie mode.

A surprise addition is a free PVSR mission, called the Jackal Assault VR Experience, to all PS4 owners. This mission allows you to pilot the Jackal fighter jet in a fun new way.

To see all of the info click here.


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