Mass Effect Andromeda N7 Day Trailer: A Deeper Look


N7 Day, a national holiday to many gamers in the world. Bioware always teases us with something, and today, we saw a new trailer.

We first hear the words “We slept for hundreds of years, dreaming of a new home, but when we finally awoke, our dreams of peace were shattered,” the ship we are flying on is being destroyed, and the resemblence to ME2 and the beginning pop to mind. We are told “You’re the new Pathfinder” and our life is being turned upside down.



Unlike the trilogy, the game understands now, “we are the aliens.” Will this mean we are the villains, in a way, or are we trying to peacefully join them, and they attack us?


Some gameplay was shown, as we see a battle that reminded me of the Thrasher Maw, but on a MUCH larger scale. Other things we also noticed was the fact that the “cute” Asari from the reveal trailer seems to be good with a gun, and is as smart as Liara, from the way she speaks. We also see Salarians running away from an attack, but the one thing that intrigued us the most was by far the character with the “halo” over his head.


This character seems to be the villain (is it a villain if we are showing up to their land?), and he had that villain voice. He definitely was a new race we haven’t seen yet, but to explain his look, it was sort of a Turian meets a Vorcha, but meaner.

Away from the characters, we saw a world that looked war-torn, a mako that is gorgeous, and several awesome battle scenes. This looks like a Mass Effect game, and has built the intrigue without giving anything much away.

Today, we saw more of the same from Bioware. They are truly holding this game close to their vest, not wanting to give away much, and that’s a-okay with this writer. I was pleasantly excited to see more into the story, and can’t wait till Spring 2017.


What was your thoughts?


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