OGN Overwatch Apex 11/9/16 Update

Korea’s OGN Overwatch Apex started up again this week after a brief hiatus due to Blizzcon and some other small events going on in the world of Overwatch. We’ll focus on Group B today, as KongDoo Uncia took on NRG Esports, with both teams coming off decisive 3-0 victories in their previous matches.


Uncia came out swinging hard this time around, completely denying NRG of any point grabs at all. Though NRG did put together a few good pushes, their fundamentals slipped a few times throughout the match. Most notably, they were a bit weak on their corner scouting, getting decimated by a Reinhardt Earthshatter which immediately led to a loss in one round. They also had their defenses broken by Winston in the last round, failing to take down Uncia’s Panker before he racked up a clutch kill.

As DNCE explained in an interview with OGN, this is the team’s first offline tournament, and they scrimmed with a lot of foreign teams in preparation for Apex. The training paid off, apparently, as KongDoo Uncia advances to 2-1 in their bracket, 8-3 W/L overall.Feel free to check out the match in this link, and keep following Gamer Pantheon for more OGN Overwatch Apex updates.capture_2016-11-10-12-59-38

KD Uncia| DNCE

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